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Concord, ON, October 9, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – So … it’s moving time!

We all know that moving can be a little uncomfortable. Similar to tearing out a piece of your own hair, for example.

BUT there is something that can make it great! An experienced and professional moving company can mean the difference between two weeks of madness and a relatively painless transition.

This is where the moving company Toronto Movers comes in. Toronto Movers is not just a company; They strive to treat their employees and customers with respect and to ensure a great experience for everyone. Here we are going to tell you who they are, what they do, and what makes them AWESOME. It’s time to turn your stressful move into a feast that it could be.

Meet the Toronto Movers

Who are Toronto Movers? What is your business?

Toronto Movers is a subsidiary of the Canadian company Metropolitan Movers. Metropolitan Movers provides services to cities in the following Canadian provinces: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec and Saskatchewan. Hail Canada! They also serve several major US cities and are accredited by the Canadian Association of Movers and the American Moving and Storage Association.

Did Toronto Movers Fall From The Sky? It may seem so, but in fact, they were founded by Torontians in 2010.

Quality service; Quality service

Since its inception in 2010, Toronto Movers has completed over 50,000 successful moves and achieved a 94% customer referral rate. I did the math – that’s over 47,000 very happy people. Keeping so many people happy is not an easy task, especially when dealing with valuable possessions. But they did it!

In the words of one of these 47,000 lucky people: “Metropolitan Movers prevailed with flying colors. The telephone reception was helpful, the two gentlemen who came to the move had arrived on time. You were courteous, courteous and professional. I would definitely recommend your service and use it again in the future. “

They were recently recognized by Globe and Mail as one of Canada’s Best Growing Companies in 2020.

What is special about them?

Moving around can cause a lot of heartache. There’s nothing that kills your mood other than cramming all of your favorite possessions into cardboard boxes and trash bags. Not to mention saying goodbye to your beloved corner of the window.

That’s why a moving company that is focused on the customer experience is a wonderful thing. Toronto Mover’s experience and professionalism saves you the basics of time, money, and personal injury lifting heavy furniture. But they really go beyond that by “treating your objects like their own”, which is written in their mission statement. One of their main goals is to keep their customers safe while they move. Plus, it’s perfectly okay to be flexible: you know moving can be a little crazy and are willing to bypass schedule changes.

Annnnnd they love to give backl! Toronto Movers does a great job for the community like moving buildings after fire and flooding and working on government projects like Toronto Community Housing. They offer an environmentally friendly packaging option that you can use to protect the environment when moving. Yay!

Corona directive

Toronto Movers also values ​​the safety of you, your loved ones, and your own employees. Before 2020, you could move out of the air without fear of pathogens. Now that Corona is the new reality, Toronto Movers have fantastic updated Corona moving security measures that are in line with protocols set by the Canadian Health Department. This means paying a lot of attention to hand washing, social distancing, and being very careful if their co-workers exhibit any symptoms.

offered services

Toronto Movers is primarily a moving company. However, they have expanded their services to offer:

  • Long Distance Moving – Toronto Movers are experts in long distance moving. You can move your belongings by train accompanied by a crew and you can also fly to collect your belongings. And probably best of all, you have experience with cross-border formalities and taxes to be paid, so you have more energy to focus on you and your family’s documents.
  • Moving the piano – pianos are big, heavy, delicate and if someone loves to play they are SO important. Toronto Mover takes the job of moving your piano very seriously. Their service includes suitable piano moving equipment, blanket wrapping (wrap the precious instrument like a bebeh), specialized trucks, and expert teams of 2 to 4 people.
  • Garbage Disposal – Enter a new home that is clean and tidy. Toronto Movers will move your trash and old furniture away for you, with or without movement. Now you can see all the Marie Kondo your heart desires!
  • Office Relocation – Toronto Movers dismantles and repackages your entire office and then reassembles it in the new location. This will save you hours and immeasurable stress.
  • Storage – They offer nationwide storage either in their own facilities or with secure, accredited partners. With long-term or seasonal, domestic or commercial, they all have options to tailor to your specific needs. In addition, they offer a pick-up and drop-off service to make your warehouse trip even easier.

The Toronto Mover website has a full description and list of their services.


Why drag a stone along the ocean floor when you could freely brush the surface? Moving around can be so mentally, physically, and emotionally demanding that with all the exertion you just can’t remember the sweetness. You forget to take time for one last stroll around the block or sit for a few minutes in your empty living room and cherish all the good memories you and your loved ones made there. Toronto Movers uses their experience and professionalism to give you the time and peace of mind and to take your experience from arduous to enjoyable.

In order to. Make moving easy for you and your family by hiring an experienced, professional moving company like Toronto Movers.

Oh – and they have a free listing online. What’s to lose

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