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Black Lives Matter claims police wasted no time senselessly killing Ma’Khia Bryant

In a post mourning the death of Ohio teen Ma’Khia Bryant, Columbus, Black Lives Matter claimed police “wasted no time pointlessly taking another Black child.” Bryant was fatally shot and killed by police officer Nicholas Reardon after she assaulted two women with a knife and tried to stab them. Many neighbors’ witnesses, after watching video footage of the incident, concluded that the policeman had no choice but to open fire to end the threat to the other parties. “Together, we’re going to elevate, center, and honor this black kid for what they loved – doing their hair, doing TikToks and being a teenager,” commented Black Lives Matter. The Black Lives Matter page on Bryant continued, “Columbus police officer Nicholas Reardon showed up and shot this 16-year-old child at close range in seconds.” The Post also claimed Bryant made the 911 call that pulled the officers to the scene. While Bryant’s family members said she made the call, the police refused to identify the caller even though they released an audio recording of the call in which the caller can hear an unidentified person “trying to stab us” . Bryant’s death precisely followed the release of the guilty verdict of police officer Derek Chauvin, convicted of second degree murder, third degree murder and manslaughter of George Floyd. “Another black life stolen without consideration,” wrote the organization. “Ma’Khia Bryant’s life was important.”

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