Loves Furniture makes quick exit from site off I-475 in Springfield Twp.

Loves took over when Art Van Furniture closed its doors in early 2020 after occupying the site of the former Super Cinemas for 8 years.

Once you’ve pulled up I-475 on the western edge of Toledo, you can’t miss one of Springfield Township’s most iconic buildings, and if you’re of a certain age, you can feel a bit of nostalgia.

But now the current resident, Love’s Furniture, is going out of business.

The company filed for bankruptcy a few weeks ago.

The closure of Love’s took Springfield Township residents and elected officials by surprise.

“My wife actually referred to a television commercial that actually said ‘Love’s will be closed,'” said Bob Bethel, trustee for the Springfield community. “I had no idea this was happening. And I checked with our zoning administrator and our zoning inspector, and they hadn’t heard anything.”

People over 25 may remember the former prominent building that was on the site, a popular budget movie theater.

Generations of teenagers flocked to the super cinemas in the 1990s and early 2000s to see second edition films for just over a dollar.

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The films in the theater had been in theaters for months before Super Cinemas put them on, but the price couldn’t be beat.

“Especially for families, you have 4 or 5 children, we see them here all the time,” said moviegoer Peter Elling almost two decades ago. “They know if they have to pay $ 7 or $ 8 a ticket, you won’t see them given time off.”

In 2012, residents finally said goodbye to Super Cinemas and were greeted in a brand new and named tenant – Art Van Furniture.

Kim Yost, CEO of Art Van Furniture, said at the time: “We are a place where winners win. So we’ll be recruiting at least 150 winners to work for Art Van. “

Art Van was the headliner for almost 8 years until he got into difficult times too.

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Love’s Furniture bought nearly 30 Art Van locations in the past year, but the economic pain of the coronavirus pandemic has been too great to overcome.

Today, buyers in northwest Ohio are wondering what to do with the building, which is in the prime commercial real estate area.

“It may be difficult to convince another furniture store to move there based on this track record, but I don’t think the area is either. It’s the nature of the companies themselves,” said Bethel.

Those who remember Super Cinemas have to be nostalgic as the reality of the pandemic affects the region.

Community officials say a new tenant may need to do major renovations before opening. For this reason, it can take some time before a new tenant is announced at the location.

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