Lordstown confirms electric van for 2022 production, LG Chem batteries for Endurance pickup

Ohio-based Lordstown Motors released the most extensive update of its business in many months, which includes the battery supplier for its electric pickup Endurance and the confirmation of an electric delivery truck for 2022.

Lordstown confirmed that it recently signed a “multi-year” battery supply contract with LG Chem for the Endurance. CEO Steve Burns previously confirmed that Lordstown will use 2170 cylindrical cells – as is the case with Tesla Model 3 and Model Y.

Lordstown perseverance

After pointing out other models – including an SUV – Lordstown also confirmed that it will unveil an electric van in June and start production in the second half of 2022. He’ll be using the same skateboard platform and hub motors as the Endurance company.

With all of the components – including a sturdy truck frame – housed in the chassis, a skateboard platform makes adding new bodies to create different vehicles relatively easy. Lordstown even showed that the skateboard can be ridden alone.

Lordstown Motors Factory - 2020

Lordstown Motors Factory – 2020

Lordstown, in partnership with Camping World, plans to launch a version of its trucks – likely the van – as a RV that will also provide a national network for service and collision repair for the endurance. As part of the partnership, Lordstown has already announced that it will develop a battery for caravans that does not require stand-alone generators.

Delivery of the Endurance is scheduled to begin this year. Lordstown announced on Thursday that it had started stamping metal for 57 “Beta” prototypes. These prototypes should be ready in March and used for crash tests and validations. Lordstown is continuing construction of an 800,000-square-foot renovation that will form a small portion of the 6.2-million-square-foot former General Motors facility.

Lordstown perseverance

Lordstown perseverance

Unlike most other electric pickups, the Endurance is aimed at fleet buyers. Lordstown also confirmed that it was listed by the United States General Services Administration. This is the first step towards selling to government fleets.

Lordstown may benefit greatly from President Biden’s plan to go all-electric and more American with the purchase of federal fleets.

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