Loop Hygiene Week: keeping your furniture clean

When it comes to hygiene in our homes, there are obvious areas that we pay attention to, such as the kitchen and bathroom.

However, a closer look at our furniture, especially our sofas, shows that we also need to draw some attention when cleaning.

If you or your family spend a lot of time in your living room or family room, or in a room where sofas and chairs are the focus of household activities, it is imperative to add these items to your cleaning list.

From food debris and dust to stains and bacteria, these items can get quite dirty and even affect the air quality in our homes.

Darren Bart, interior designer and owner of DBG Concepts, says how you clean your furniture depends on the fabric it’s made of.

“Often you have to vacuum and dust. Vacuum and dust with a soft cloth every week, ”he says.

With leather furniture, Bart explains, wiping it with a damp cloth helps remove dust, and with micro-suede, a brush with soft bristles keeps the film away.

Bart recommends that you clean your furniture every week or two weeks depending on how you use it or when you have children.

“Invest in dry cleaning agents. Don’t buy a multi-purpose cleaner, try to find something that is compatible with the fabric. You can also protect your furniture with fabric protectors like a couch cover. Treat any spills as early as possible. Turn the pillows regularly and wash the pillowcases once a quarter or every two months, ”he said.

DIY cleaning like a pro

If you want to take advantage of a thorough clean but can’t afford the big bucks a housekeeping service offers, Clean It Yuhself lets you clean like a pro with the right equipment.

Clean It Yuhself is aimed at both private and commercial customers and offers nationwide free delivery and collection.

They also offer demonstrations on delivery so users can feel confident about their projects while saving time and money.

The company has a wide range of commercial cleaning equipment such as pressure washers, carpet extractors, floor washers, disinfectant mists, steam cleaners, landscaping equipment and much more.

Here is Clean it Yuhself’s guide to cleaning your furniture yourself

Step 1: pre-inspection

Do a quick inspection to identify any soiling conditions and possible permanent stains.

• Step 2: Pre-vacuum

The upholstery is prepared for thorough cleaning by removing dust or light residue.

• Step 3: Pre-Spot

Certain stains / spots are pretreated for maximum removal.

• Step 4 – stir

With the pre-treatment chemical on the surface, difficult stains or stains are gently stirred with a brush.

• Step 5: Extract and Rinse

Once the dirt has loosened, rinse the surface with the Bissell Big Green Extractor to remove any trace of chemicals on the upholstery.

• Step 6: inspection and drying after cleaning

Make sure you are completely happy with the cleanup and pat yourself on the back. Once everything is done, everything will dry indoors and on its own in about two to three hours.

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