Local moving company partners with Restore Hope to donate furniture

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – When people move, sometimes they decide that a particular couch or table doesn’t belong in their new home. A moving company in central Arkansas is using this discarded furniture to give those released from prison a fresh start.

Packing the trailer and bringing items from one place to the next is a typical day for the Two Men and a Truck folks, but some of their trips not only help people move in but also help them get around.

“We’re doing everything we can to help our community,” said Casey Welch, two men and a truck marketing director.

Welch has been working with the company for two years. They recently partnered with Restore Hope, a nonprofit that helps people who are just out of prison get their lives back on track.

“It’s often a difficult process. Where will they live Where do you get the money from? What do you need? “Said Renie Rule, Outreach Director for the Restore Hope Community.

The rule helps families answer these questions, but it says the next big roadblock is getting their new home up and running. This is where two men and a truck come into play. They have a whole vault of discarded furniture in their parades.

“We’re going to give it to anyone we can give it to so they can have a better start than without us,” Welch said.

For Welch, this goes beyond the typical service.

“I have a bit of a depraved background myself,” Welch said.

Not so long ago she hit the restart button with no work in an empty house.

“Two men and a truck and my general manager there gave me a chance and furnished my house with donated furniture,” Welch said.

For them, a used table and bed were the beginning of a better life.

“That was invaluable to me,” Welch said.

Now she’s reloading the tools on someone else’s fresh start.

“I put everything into what I do here because you have literally helped me rebuild my whole life,” Welch said.

Two men and a truck already have two other houses in Restore Hope.

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