Learner driver spotted with huge ‘dangerous’ tower of furniture balanced on roof

A driver’s attempt to cut moving costs got them in hot water at the police station.

Police were stunned to discover the “dangerously overloaded” pickup truck piled with rubbish was stopped at a petrol station in Cannock, Staffordshire.

Speaking to the driver on Sunday, they were stunned a second time after finding out they only had a temporary license.

Police shared pictures of the black Mitsubishi Trojan at the Cannock gas station with the caption, “Just when you thought you saw it all.”

The picture shows the car in the gas station forecourt, balancing a mountain of wooden slats, plastic chairs, torn out radiators and even a bicycle piled so high it almost fell on the roof, reports Birmingham Live.

The black Mitsubishi Trojan was stopped at the Cannock gas station

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The Central Motorway Police Group, which covered the West Midlands, said they had received a call from Staffordshire Police to “give some advice”.

“It was being driven by a temporary license holder,” said an official.

“Just when you thought you saw it all.”

The policeman followed the post with the hashtag #dangerouscondition.

Social media users immediately started sharing the post.

One joked, “I don’t know if it should be me, but I’m impressed with his stacking and packing skills.”

And another said, “How the hell did they even stack this?

Owners of heavily overloaded vehicles can face a number of penalties.

If a vehicle is more than 30 percent overweight, the driver can be brought to justice and fined.

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