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Kitchens are incredibly tricky to pack for a shift. Most people use kitchens every day, unlike guest rooms, so it’s important to take extra care with fragile items.  It has always been seen that the kitchen is the last room to be packed and the first to be unpacked. To pack the kitchen, most people spend at least eight hours. What’s the best way to deal with this shifting juggernaut of a situation? Prepare for your move with a good plan and plenty of packing paper. Especially when it comes to the dishes, you need to be alert as they might comprise your favorite ones. In this article, learn how to pack dishes for a long distance move like a pro.

For many people, some of the crockery items are many favorites, and hence damage to any of them is completely out of question. Packing of such crockery is an essential and most important element that can help you know if the concerned set will reach the destination safely. The use of clothes and papers can be additionally helpful when packing such fragile items as they act as an absorber in case there is any jolt to the box in which the crockery is packed. You can also fix the box with tape all around to have additional safety. 

How to Pack Dishes for a Long Distance Move

Most people have a story with their dishes as well. For an instance, I have a glass bowl that reminds me of my notorious childhood days since I broke all its companions, and it is the only one that has survived. For such cases, it becomes a priority to pack them in such a way that they reach the destination safely. Let us know how to pack dishes for a long distance move.

For dishes, many moving supply shops sell purpose-built boxes. These are the best, but they are also the most expensive option. When packing a basic box, be sure to be careful and use plenty of padding. Your dish should be placed on top of an item of packing paper and the corners should be pulled over the dish to protect it. Four more plates of the same size can be used in the same manner.
Rewrap the whole bundle with tape after stacking the four plates together and flipping the pile upside down on some other sheet of packing paper. The same process should be kept in mind while packaging the bowls.

Extra Care to Cups and Glasses 

First, delicately stuff the cups and glasses with packing paper that has been rolled up into a ball.
To create padding, crumple stems and handles and enclose each piece separately in the paper.
Pack cups and glasses upright in a box covered with packing paper, cushioning them properly with crumpled paper instead of laying them down. Packing paper can be used to fill any space in the box if your glassware is of uniform size. Label fragile boxes with “This Side Up.”
After you’ve packed the box, put it in a larger and padded box.


The article tells you how to pack dishes for a long distance move. Follow the tips while you move your kitchen for a long distance. The steps will help you keep your dishes safe.

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