How to Order Groceries Online at Walmart for Pickup and Delivery

With more people settling at home due to the coronavirus outbreak, grocery stores across the country are trying to keep up with growing demand. Many big chains like Walmart, Target, and Whole Foods have adjusted their business hours to ensure employees have enough time to replenish and sanitize the business overnight. Select stores even have special opening hours so seniors and vulnerable customers can shop with less anxiety.

While it is still safe to shop for groceries during the coronavirus outbreak, many people are looking for food pickup and delivery options to limit exposure to others. And really, some – parents who balance work and childcare – just need a more convenient way to fill their homes with groceries and other household items. Walmart Grocery, the online delivery service available in 1,600 cities nationwide, is one of the most popular options. Before you place your first order, find out about the product selection, the availability of collection, the ability to deliver and the total costs.

How to order groceries from Walmart Grocery

Ordering your groceries online is surprisingly easy. Follow these step-by-step instructions to fill your home with your family’s favorites:

  1. Create an account with Walmart Grocery.
  2. Select the store you’d like to pick up groceries from or have it delivered straight to your door. Find out if Walmart Grocery is available near you by entering yours
    Post code on the homepage. Note: Walmart Grocery is in high demand right now, so available time slots are hard to come by. Visit first thing in the morning to secure a spot for the current or next day.
  3. Fill your shopping basket by selecting “Add to basket”. Search the departments or search for specific items until you find exactly what you’re looking for. Click on the product for nutritional information, ingredients and other details.
  4. All orders must reach the minimum of $ 30. After completing your order, confirm the pick-up or delivery location and pay accordingly. Note: Vouchers and gift cards cannot be used.
  5. Use the Walmart app to check in before heading to the store for a roadside pickup or to track your driver’s progress.
  6. If your buyer is unable to find items on your list, they will try to “provide an item of similar quality”. But it’s really up to you: you can turn on replacements for your entire order, or just select items. If you are not satisfied with the replacements, you can request a refund online.
    1. You can choose between collection or delivery of groceries

      With the increasing demand for food orders, it is currently difficult to find an available pick-up or delivery time. However, you can increase your chances by going to the Walmart Grocery homepage early in the morning – and checking it out regularly throughout the day. All pick-up and delivery orders must be scheduled for the current day or the following day, so you do not have the option to place orders days or weeks in advance. Here are the main differences between the two Walmart grocery options:

      • Pick up: This free option requires you to be at your selected Walmart store by a set time. Walmart has implemented a touch-free pick-up so that your store’s employees fill your trunk with shopping bags and you are on the go without a signature.
      • Delivery: Prices vary, but most one-time deliveries cost $ 7.95. When you sign up for Delivery Unlimited ($ 12.95 monthly or $ 98 annually), you get your first 15 days free. You will be notified when your driver is on the way and you can follow the progress through the Walmart app. At the moment, you can authorize the driver to leave the order at your doorstep instead of having to sign for it.

        How to Save Money Using Walmart Grocery

        Walmart Grocery has an ongoing friend promotion: referring a friend will save them $ 10 on their first order and receive $ 10 in credit when their order is placed. Share the link with as many friends as you want for more savings.

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