How to find a furniture transporter in Montreal

Do you like a wardrobe or a sofa and want to buy it? Note that fees that are not mentioned and that are added to the product price are increasingly becoming part of modern marketplaces. Ironically, our products cost more to ship than the product itself. Then how is it possible to protect yourself from hidden charges?

Here are some tricks you can use to cut your shipping costs.

If you are looking to buy furniture from a marketplace like Kijiji and Facebook or a local store, first check that the buyers offer delivery services. Otherwise, you should make a note of the pricing information and continue with the next steps.

Since we’ve talked about mini moves before, below are some tricks you can use to cut delivery costs.

  • Choose a furniture carrier and not a mover: In general, hiring a freight forwarder can be cheaper than hiring professional moving company in Montreal because they require less time, burden and effort and have lighter hourly rates. On Kijiji and Androf you can find furniture pick-up deliveries.
  • Pick up a Delivery man with a van This suits your needs: if you have a 3-place (approx. 6 foot) divan, you don’t need to hire a carrier with a 16 foot truck. The cost will therefore be higher. It would be enough to rent an 8 foot truck.
  • Find a nearby freight forwarder: Select the closest small mover to the desired pickup location. Less distance means less time, less fuel consumption and therefore lower costs. On Androf you can enter the address of your goods and the research engine provides you with relevant information on the nearest forwarding agents.
  • Help the carrier load and unload: If you can help the freight forwarder with loading and unloading, inform him beforehand so that he does not accompany another agent for help. If you have a friend to help you load and unload the truck, let yours know little mover that its only job is to drive. This can cut your bills by 50%.
  • Find a salesperson on the ground floor or in a workspace equipped with an elevator: The closer the goods are to the ground floor, the less effort and the lower the bill. That is, getting to goods on the fifth floor without using an elevator takes more time and effort than the ground floor or on-site equipped with an elevator.
  • Get the furniture before the arrival Movers: Always try to shorten the freight forwarder’s waiting time. For example, if you bought a mattress, ask the seller to help you disassemble it. If the seller is on the 2nd, 3rd or 5th floor, ask them to help you drop off your goods. Therefore, the carrier would start loading upon arrival.

Here, too, it is very important to be clear with the freight forwarder right from the start and to provide him with all the necessary details: Departure address and arrival address / from which floor to which floor? Does he have to ask for help? Is there an Elevator? What is the exact type of goods? Does it have to be dismantled?

These tips will help you avoid hidden additional fees, which can be twice the price of the good.

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