How professional movers are keeping people safe amid COVID-19 ::

This article was written for our sponsor Miracle Movers.

Every year around 35 million Americans pack up their belongings and move into new homes.

While the exercise process is exciting, it is also seen as one of the most stressful events in life – and if a global pandemic is dealt with at the same time, that stress can be increased.

Professional moving companies are one way to lessen the literal and metaphorical burden of moving, but many people may be concerned about hiring outside help given the current climate. At Miracle Movers, managing partner Larry Hinnant and his team of professional moving companies are taking the necessary steps to keep their customers safe and healthy.

“As a professional moving company, we are considered an essential business, so we still work every day,” said Hinnant. “We followed all state and local regulations, but we also did regular temperature checks on our employees and provided them with things like hand sanitizer and masks. We want to make sure that both employees and our customers feel safe throughout the move. “

Hinnant and his team not only make sure that every employee is healthy, they also ensure that their customers’ belongings are as hygienic as possible. Since viruses can live on surfaces for anywhere from hours to days, the Hinnant team takes care to carefully clean the surfaces they come into contact with. This means that before the truck is loaded and unloaded with boxes, the interior is scrubbed to make it as sterile as possible before new items are placed in it.

Customers who are curious about prices but are not comfortable dealing with the typical personal estimate can also request that the process be done remotely – an especially useful service for those in vulnerable groups.

“We like to do on-site estimates, but we offer totally virtual versions of them. We usually do a lot of moves for the elderly, and that’s key for them,” said Hinnant. “They want to make sure they are taking the necessary steps to stay healthy and we are ready to accommodate them in any way we can.”

While the security risks of COVID-19 are on everyone’s lips, this is only part of the potential risks movers face. In addition to the health and safety standards that companies like Miracle Movers adhere to, they also adhere to guidelines that also protect their customers financially.

Not all moving companies recommend getting insurance, but in Hinnant’s opinion, it’s always better to play it safe than to apologize. Basic protection is a cheaper option, but it offers minimal coverage compared to full protection.

“Basic protection is that if something is lost or broken, you get 60 cents a pound. Say your TV is a Samsung and you only paid $ 2,000 for it, but it only weighs a hundred pounds. If you don’t have one Full protection, all you get is a check for $ 60 – that’s it, “Hinnant said. “The cost of full insurance depends on the size of the home. So let’s say a 1,500 square foot home might cost $ 180, but then everything in your home is full replacement value. In the end, it’s not much extra for that peace of mind, just in case. “

Not all moving companies work like Miracle Movers. The necessary precautions are always taken to ensure that customer items are not damaged during the move. However, full protection provides additional protection.

Not all moving companies are created equal, and Hinnant recommends making sure the company you work with goes the extra mile to keep your items safe. At Miracle Movers, for example, the removal team wraps everything in shrink film, dismantles large furniture such as beds, and rolls out rugs to avoid scratches and stains on floors and carpets.

That way, they can go the extra mile to protect their customers and their customers’ belongings.

“When we arrive at the new house, we’ll put everything exactly where you want it to be. We’re a full-service moving company because we don’t just unload everything, drop it and get started – everything is set up and organized just like you want it, “said Hinnant. “We tailor every step of the way to meet the needs of each customer, whether that’s helpful every step of the way, extra health and safety precautions, or anything in between.”

This article was written for our sponsor Miracle Movers.

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