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In the first quarter, according to the company, over 90 percent of Dick’s Sporting Goods curb orders were completed within 15 minutes. When checking in at the store, half was delivered to the customer’s car in less than 2.5 minutes.

Such metrics can be collected from many retailers, but Dick’s apparently made roadside speed a priority.

“We continue to assume that roadside pick-up will remain an important part of our omnichannel offering as our athletes [customers] turned to this service for speed and convenience, ”said Lauren Hobart, CEO of Dick on the company’s website Conference call in the first quarter.

Dicks website indicates that roadside / in-store pick-up usually takes place within an hour of placing the order. Customers will be notified by email or SMS when orders are ready.

Walgreens among other retailers promises that orders will be ready in “just 30 minutes”.

Other retailers promoting an hour-long window include Apple, Best Buy, Kohl’s, Nordstrom, and Staples. Gap and Macy promise to have orders ready within two hours. Whole Foods offers Amazon Prime members pick-up in under an hour. WalmartPick-up orders are available within four hours; aim says select deals can take up to six hours.

Home depotThe in-store pickup page states, “Most orders are ready within a few hours, but please allow additional processing time for items that need assembly or large orders. Due to the current events and the high volume, orders can be delayed. “

CVS‘s website states that orders are ready “within 24 hours”. Several chains, including Lowe’s, Foot Locker, and Gamestop, are making no promises about turnaround time.

Roadside / in-store pickup is expected to continue to see strong customer demand after being quickly adopted during the pandemic. At Best Buy, 44 percent of online orders are in First quarter were picked up at the stores, similar to the first quarter of the previous year, when the stores were closed halfway through the period.

Retailers with longer pickup promises can balance other in-store needs, including helping customers in-store or fulfilling online delivery orders. Many chains are expected to see increased BOPIS / curb pickup boost online profitability in the wake of the associated investments.

Dick’s wife Hobart commented on the profitability of e-commerce to analysts told, “The more BOPIS and curbs, the better.”

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: What are the expectations for roadside / store pickup turnaround times should retailers have for store staff and customers? What are the biggest internal challenges for businesses that want short turnaround times?

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