Household Goods Delivery Should Continue Despite Stop-Movement Order: TRANSCOM

Household supplies for military personnel who have already completed their move should be delivered on schedule despite changes related to permanent station change (PCS) related to coronavirus, officials said on Tuesday.

The Pentagon on Friday ordered a 60-day global stop motion for service members and their families preparing to travel on PCS orders. Those who had already started moving were instructed to complete their trips, while those who had previously packed household items but had not yet started the trip and those waiting to be unpacked were asked to do so delay.

However, the order created widespread confusion among staff about the status of the moves in progress and how families can access their belongings.

An update from Tuesday’s U.S. Transportation Command (Transcom), which manages all military removals, said shipments should continue on schedule and removal companies should stop all unpacking.

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“The appraisal instructs moving companies not to take any action on scheduled pick-ups or unpacking of housewares until they confirm to the Personal Property Office responsible for the shipment that the shipment should continue. Customers affected with planned pick-ups and unpacking should be contacted by their provider to inform them of the delay in their collection or unpacking, “says the new version. “The delivery of housewares, unaccompanied baggage and non-temporary storage bins should continue as planned.”

Officials said exemptions are available for military personnel who are deprived of accommodation due to lease termination or home sales. Those same service members and families may also receive residential assistance from the chain of command they are leaving, if necessary, according to Pentagon officials, including the possible coverage of moving expenses on their Government Travel Card (GTC). Families should be given prior approval to use the card for these expenses, they said.

“DoD will use all available means to help service members affected by COVID-19,” DoD officials said in the guidelines released late Friday. “Approved reimbursable travel expenses may be placed on the government travel card. Please contact your chain of command for assistance.”

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