Holman Enterprises, Lordstown Partnership Focuses on First All-Electric Pickup

Lordstown Motors Corp., a company specializing in light electric trucks, has a number of agreements with Holman Enterprises, a global auto services organization, including a co-marketing agreement and a vehicle procurement agreement with ARI, Holmans Leasing and Fleet Management Services division and an up-fit ​​service agreement with Auto Truck Group, the vehicle manufacturing and equipment division of Holman Enterprises.

Together, Holman Enterprises and Lordstown Motors will help companies easily integrate the Lordstown Endurance, the first all-electric pickup truck, into their professional fleet operations.

The co-marketing agreement sets out the framework for the joint development of business opportunities with Lordstown customers and ARI customers, while the vehicle procurement agreement regulates the terms and conditions for the ordering and delivery of a specified number of Lordstown Endurance trucks over a period of three years . Through this partnership, ARI will provide endurance fleet management services on behalf of their respective customers, including logistics and sales functions for the vehicle supply chain.

“We are pleased to announce this long-standing relationship and are pleased that Holman Enterprises has selected Lordstown Motors as its OEM partner for its innovation and development in the electric vehicle (EV) pick-up market,” said Steve Burns, Lordstown Motors CEO.

Under the Upfit Service Agreement, the Auto Truck Group will act as Lordstown Endurance’s preferred ship-through upfit provider. With the assistance of ARI’s supply chain experts, the Auto Truck Group provides shared customers with the design, manufacture and installation of specialized professional equipment for a variety of commercial applications.

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