Hire Interstate Movers Without Getting Scammed

Anecdotally, I’ve found it difficult to get personal estimates for small moves like one out of an apartment. So be ready to call a few more places. Ideally, a personal estimate gives you a clear idea of ​​how much it will cost to move your belongings, rather than a vague one based on your number of bedrooms.

When your carrier arrives, they have a legal obligation to give you a flyer entitled Your Rights and Responsibilities when you move. Then it is up to you to show them absolutely everything in your home for the most accurate estimate. This includes all of the rubbish tucked under the bed and items outside of your home, such as bicycles, strollers, gardening tools, and boxes in a basement or off-site.

As you walk around your home, mark items of exceptional value such as works of art or antiques that should be handled differently or insured at a higher cost. Many moving companies recommend that you personally move items of high personal value such as medical files, photo albums or car keys. And make sure that the mover does not transport any dangerous or perishable objects such as plants, stored goods, cleaning agents and alcohol. They should provide you with a detailed list. You would like to consume, donate or transport them yourself.

Ask how the estimate is calculated while the agent is inventorying your belongings. Also ask: are there any basic charges, is the total charge calculated by weight, volume or time and what do they charge for additional services like packing, moving your goods up stairs or moving heavy objects like appliances or a piano? ?

Find out if the moving company has their own moving company doing the packing and driving, or if they are subcontracting to others and if your belongings have to share a truck with other households. Find out if you are a “direct” move where the same crew loads and unloads your belongings or an “indirect” move where your belongings may switch trucks and move crews before you get to your new home.

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