Here’s Your First Look At A Chevy Electric Pickup Truck And The Cadillac Celestiq Flagship

Illustration for article titled Heres Your First Look at a Chevy Electric Pickup Truck and the Cadillac Celestiq flagshipScreenshot: GM on YouTube

We knew it General Motors has had big plans for new electric vehicle launches for many years when the announcements started again 2017. The coming fully electric one Chevy Pickup as well as the new one Cadillac Celestiq The flagship electric sedan and a slew of new crossovers were finally spiced up (briefly) today at GM’s CES event, and the future looks bright.

We didn’t get a ton of details or a good look at GM’s plans for electric vehicles, but in an image from the online presentation, the new all-electric Hummer EV pickup is flanked by six other vehicles that we haven’t seen or seen.

To the right of Michael Simcoe, Vice President of Global Design, and the Hummer (who is already rrevealed in detailWe see the new Cadillac Celestiq electric sedan, which features glowing grille treatment and an extremely long wheelbase, but not much else.

not definedScreenshot: GM on YouTube

Behind the Celestiq is the most interesting discovery for me, a new (presumably) fully electric pickup with a full light bar that extends behind the Chevy fly. This could be our first look at a GM EV pickup truck that will compete against the upcoming Ford F-150 EV. To the right of this is a crossover that vaguely looks like the Faraday Future FF-91 as it is an egg with a light bar in the shadow. GM didn’t talk about it much.

On the other side of the stage there’s the Cadillac Celestiq, but it’s what’s behind the Cadillac that really freaks me out.

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In the back of the stage is a Corvette-inspired crossover with a sharpened grille and angled headlights that go very well with the new C8 design language. But GM has confirmed it will be a Buick, along with the crossover that is positioned next to it. They don’t look like Buicks, but maybe that’s the point.

GM hasn’t provided any more details about the upcoming list of vehicles other than a promise that they will be coming soon. A refreshed Bolt and a new Bolt EUV (Crossover) should go on sale this year.

GM also announced a hypothetical design for flying taxis and a fancy-looking delivery van that FedEx would like to use. It’s a nice looking van.

not definedScreenshot: GM on YouTube

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