Her armed ex was trying to kill her. Three quick-thinking furniture movers saved her life.

“The girl came running towards us,” Josh Lara, one of the furniture makers, told the news agency. “She yelled, ‘Let me get your cell phone! Let me get your cellphone! ‘

“She said, ‘Somebody shoots!’ ”

That someone would turn out to be the woman’s ex-boyfriend.

The woman knew her life was in danger, said the three men.

“She knew she was being wanted as she was hiding,” Mike Zaininger, another of the creators, told DNAinfo. “Our immediate reaction was, ‘Get in the truck. ‘”

It was a simple act that could have saved the woman’s life, police said.

After hiding the woman in her moving van, the men eventually took her to their client’s apartment in a nearby building, they told ABC subsidiary WLS.

Later, Lara told the station, they learned that the shooter had entered the alley to look for them.

“The cop stopped next to us and said, ‘Hey, it’s you who saved her life,'” Cody Grant, one of the creators, told WLS. “That was the girl he was looking for. He didn’t find her, so he took his own life. “

Police said Engle was pronounced dead shortly before 3 p.m., the Sun-Times reported.

His body was found in the alley behind the dentist’s office.

Engle entered Skyline Smiles shortly before 11 a.m., the police said.

Police said the dental office was quiet before Engle stepped in and waved a gun, DNAinfo reported.

“I’m sitting on the dentist’s chair and looking at my teeth. The dentist comes in and introduces himself. Suddenly he says: ‘Come with me’ and ‘Get out of here’ ”, Greg Matoesian, a patient, said the station.

Matoesian said he saw the shooter holding a “small assault rifle” before hearing a shot. At this point, he added, “he was just taking off”.

Dentist Deepak Neduvelil, the owner of Skyline Smiles, told WLS that he believes Engle tried to kill his ex-girlfriend who works as the clinic’s office manager.

The woman ran out the back door of the clinic as soon as she saw Engle arrive and retrieve something that witnesses later referred to as a weapon, DNAinfo reported.

“Fortunately that didn’t happen,” said Neduvelil. “Fortunately, she was able to get out of there and we’re glad that she is safe.”

Authorities said no one was injured during the incident.

Police are investigating whether the gun that Engle brought to the dentist’s office was stolen from a house in Plainfield, Illinois earlier in the day, DNAinfo reported.

In 2002, the Joliet Herald-News reported, Engle was convicted of house invasion and heavy battery after attacking his ex-girlfriend’s sleeping father with a golf club. He served more than a decade in prison, according to the Illinois Department of Corrections records.

“Engle was furious because he believed the father would not allow him to go out with the daughter,” said DNAinfo. “During the beating, Engle allegedly said to the father: ‘You will die because I wasn’t allowed to go out with your daughter.'”

“The victim’s head injuries required more than 50 clamps, police said at the time,” the news agency reported.

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