Hawaii ‘Movers and Shakas’ Program Offers Flights for Remote Workers

For months now, many of us have been finding ways to do our jobs, no matter what, from the comfort of our own home. We have been stuck at uncomfortable or makeshift desks in the same four walls since around March. Let’s face it: views are getting old, but nobody can do anything about it.

Unless, of course, you want to move to Hawaii temporarily. We know it’s a big question. Beautiful beaches, perfect weather, nice people, good food. All of that could be your life, at least for a short time, thanks to Hawaii’s new Temporary Resident Program from Movers and Shakas. The aim of the program is to recruit remote workers – whether they are former Hawaiian residents or mainland people – to pack up their jobs and whatever else they own and try out island life for a while, according to a press release.

“Working out of Hawaii can provide a much-needed break from the isolation and burnout caused by remote working,” said Jason Higa, CEO of FCH Enterprises, parent company of Zippy’s and a driving force behind Movers & Shakas. “With the lowest per capita COVID infection rate in the country and an abundance of social distancing activities and dining experiences, Hawaii is ideal for those looking for a safe place to work and play.”

Hawaii’s Movers and Shakas program takes a “give and receive” approach. Those who wish to apply should be passionate about Hawaiian values ​​and be ready to give back to the community they have identified as their own for a while. Applicants are asked to make a “Pledge to Our Keiki” in which they pledge to respect Hawaii’s culture and natural resources while they are there if they are selected.

Interested potential part-time Hawaiians can apply online now through December 15th. Only 50 of the applicants will be selected for the first cohort. The program includes a skill match element where the selected participants commit to working a few hours per week with a nonprofit that will do whatever they do, or something similar, during their stay. That is giving.

Now let’s talk about what you will get if you are selected. The first group will receive a free round-trip air ticket to Oahu. You will also have access to promotions, special program benefits, and the opportunity to interact with the local community in unique ways. Those in the first cohort of temporary Hawaiians receive discounts on monthly accommodations, flights, restaurants, attractions, and other services they are likely to need while living in Hawaii.

“As part of a Hawaii-based nonprofit that focuses on getting people to work, I’m really excited about this program. IT encourages people not to return to Hawaii as a spectator, but to actively support the growth of values ​​rooted in the Aloha spirit and empower our state and communities, ”said John Leong, KUPU Chairman of the Board Explanation. “By working with local nonprofits, individuals gain a unique understanding of Hawaii’s values ​​and develop their skills to influence people positively. Hawaii is a place where those who are committed to sharing Aloha and who have a vision for a better tomorrow can find fertile soil to plant seeds of hope that create healthier communities and inspire our world. “

Sounds like a dream. Maybe one day you can find a way to make the move permanent.

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