GUEST COLUMN | Pulling the curtain back on food delivery services | By Jodi Janisse-Kanzenbach

Jan 7, 2021 – Germantown, WI – Are you someone who thinks Door Dash and Grub Hub are great delivery companies? Do you think they are helping get restaurants in trouble during this time?

Let me tell you about the reality.

First, the amount of money they pull out of the bottom line of a restaurant they work with is insane.

Second, there are articles in which around 40% of drivers manipulate the food. Gross

After all, restaurants take the risk and liability as these organizations do not take responsibility. Cold food, wrong food, delivery takes too long.

So we have two restaurants. Two different concepts. We do not work with any of these delivery services. Now these companies are adding unaffiliated restaurants to their platform without the restaurants knowing or allowing it.

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Last night we had two incidents in both restaurants with these two delivery companies that we have not signed with.

Barley Pop – Door Dash calls to be picked up at 6:05 a.m. at 8:00 a.m. are asked by management what to do as the food was never picked up and never paid for.

I said because of the health codes that it should be thrown away a long time ago. It’s not safe to serve, so throw it away. And if they come to get it, don’t remake it. Apologize to them.

So we threw out a large order of food. Door dash never came. We lost our cost on this meal and have no idea if someone is going to call and complain that they didn’t get their meal last night or posted a bad review on social media. We’ve had losses because of that, and we have more potential losses if we get blown up on social media.

The district order was called last night. We have no idea a Grub Hub delivery driver is picking her up. He tells us her name, we’re going to call him. Gentleman shows our server what to pick up and this Grub Hub has already charged the customer.

Grub Hub charged them 3 items, two of which are not even on our menu. So they raised more money than they should have and took food that we’re not sure the customer even wanted. We look at the Grub Hub app, with which we again have no contract. Sure is a menu from 7 months ago in your app. Again, we assume liability if these people are unhappy and we run the risk of getting blown up on social media.

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I cannot stress enough how bad these services are. They cater to your needs and have to stay home and order, and the delivery services are considered helpful for restaurants. The amount of sales a restaurant would have to make to make up for the financial loss from cutting those businesses would be a massive volume.

On-site support. Most of the places at this point have a roadside pickup to take advantage of this. We’re fine if you’re in your traffic jams for pickup. Just don’t sponsor another company that piggybacks on difficult restaurants. Right now it’s not what is needed. You / we do not need to accept the irresponsibility of any third party who runs the risk of harming our own business.

And no, we didn’t know we were listed in those apps. You haven’t asked our permission, and you as a consumer have no way of knowing if a restaurant is partnering. And I can imagine that it will be next to impossible for us to remove our information from their apps.

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