Good Deed: Good Guys Moving & Delivery comes in handy

Rusty Saenz, General Manager of Good Guys Moving & Delivery, believes the fastest route to success is to help others first.

Someone once said, “Life is short and furniture is heavy.”

With that in mind, many people moving would prefer to just give their furniture away or have it disposed of by the moving company. This is where Rusty Saenz, the General Manager of Chattanoogas Good Guys Moving & Delivery, comes in.

He will happily take this furniture and give it away to nonprofits or veterans who are starting a new life. Every week people call Rusty and ask him what’s in stock and needs a new home. His employees are often happy to deliver the furniture free of charge to those in need.

Rusty will tell you that the fastest way to succeed is to help others first. This is a good guy!

Jed Mescon, Erlangen Health System

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