Furniture Delivery: Guide To Prepare Furniture Before Moving

Wooden furniture is more prone to damage than other items when moving. Whether it’s a desk, coffee table, or TV stand, you always need to protect your furniture when you move. If you feel that doing all of these tasks is going to be stressful for you, consider hiring at Shift.

When moving furniture, many movement errors can be avoided to avoid damage to furniture. Here are some tips on how to prepare your furniture before moving to another house.

This is the best way to prepare furniture before moving.

1. Be aware of what you want to move

Take note of the furniture you have and estimate the time it will take to disassemble and prep it. Look for items that may need to be prepared before you move. For example, it is not necessary to move the beds before the actual moving day, but your study table could be moved.

2. Have a clear measurement of the doors and hallways

Before moving furniture, make sure that all of the furniture will fit through any existing elevators, hallways, doors or stairwells. Some furniture can be moved without having to be disassembled. Large parts like sofas can force you to remove doors before moving them.

Once you understand the furniture that needs to be taken apart before moving, it is time to get hold of the necessary tools and equipment.

3. Obtain the necessary tools and equipment

Get the right tools you need to disassemble doors, frames, legs, and tabletops. You may need to purchase plastic sandwich bags for packaging valuable or fragile furniture, table legs, and tabletops. Get furniture, blankets, and tape to wrap and protect the packaged items.

When packing the furniture, be sure to wrap the corners as thoroughly as possible and cover any exposed wood. Always use foam pads when you have parts like cottages.

4. Disassemble first

Identify the furniture that needs to be disassembled first. This may take some time. According to The Spruce, moving furniture that needs to be disassembled first while still energized is wise.

Remove all removable parts such as glass tops, bedrooms, table legs and shelves. Pay attention to one piece at a time and put all screws, nuts, and washers securely in a plastic bag. Use a permanent marker pen to write on the bag which part it belongs to.

5. Wood should not be wrapped in bubble wrap

Wood is porous. Covering with bubble wrap can damage the surface of the furniture. If you plan to use bubble wrap for packaging, put some movable blankets in between. This ensures that the plastic does not come into contact with the wood.


Moving to a new house can be a very tedious and stressful task, especially if you have a lot of furniture in the house. If you want to do this job on your own, here are some tips on moving your furniture around. When the task gets too much for you, you can hire professional moving companies and be sure they have an insurance plan that is covered in case something goes wrong with the move.

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