From groceries to gadgets, Walmart’s free curbside pickup can save you in a pinch

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If you’re running errands or on your way home from work, you can save yourself at least half an hour by taking advantage of Walmart’s free roadside pickup.

Walmart offers free roadside pickup for online orders so you can receive your groceries and other merchandise without having to enter the store. Skip looking for a parking space, walk down the hallways and wait at the ticket office. Simply place your order online and choose when to pick it up.

It’s super easy to do. First, log into your Walmart account or create one if you haven’t already. Then click the “Pickup and Delivery” option in the upper left corner of the Walmart website. Once on the page, enter your address and select Pickup. Then reserve a pick-up time. You can pick up your groceries on the same day your order was placed if you order by 3pm, or choose another day and time that works best for you. (If you don’t want to drive to the store, you can also choose to have your order delivered.)

Once you’ve set your pick-up time, you can shop as usual and add things to your online shopping cart. You can still take advantage of Walmart’s everyday low prices and pickup is free – there are no additional fees or charges.

If you have a Yahoo Mail account, you can also use Walmart’s pick-up and delivery services straight from your inbox. Once signed in to your email, you will see a Walmart banner at the top of your inbox. Click the banner and look for everything you need: groceries, kitchen gadgets, cleaning supplies, Christmas gifts and more. You can gradually add things and place your order over time without leaving your inbox.

With Walmart’s convenient pickup and delivery options, it’s easier than ever to get your groceries and merchandise when you want them.

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From Groceries to Gadgets, Walmart’s free roadside pickup can save you in a pinch. He first appeared on In The Know.

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