Ford Bronco pickup shows up in teaser sketches

The 2021 Ford Bronco comes that Summer-, but what awaits the highly anticipated SUV? Maybe a pickup version. In a new video highlighting the SUV’s design, Ford put in a handful of teasers showing a Bronco with a truck bed that was first discovered by Motor1. How do we know it’s a bronco? At the beginning it looks like this. Second, on the back of a big old surfboard, it says “Bronco”.

The sketches show, if anything, what the designers at Ford think, as they are most likely seriously into a Bronco pickup truck. Trucks are popular these days if you haven’t heard of. One sketch shows a fold-down tailgate, while others describe the separate cabin area and some storage spaces. To be clear, the video focuses on the time Ford was actively designing the SUV. So it’s not clear whether they were suggestions at the time, or whether the sketches were received for some other reason – to tease another Bronco variant. Such things find their way into the public for a reason.

It sure looks like a Bronco pickup to us.


This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of a Bronco pickup either. According to a report from Automobile last July, Ford wants to find out to challenge that Jeep Gladiator with own collection. A pickup truck and SUV would give him a full arsenal to challenge Jeep. However, there is a real risk that such a vehicle could steal Ford’s F-150 and Ranger Donner. The Bronco pickup would really have to look and feel like a different machine to get the premium that we all know Ford would reasonably ask for.

The report assumes the Bronco pickup will go into production sometime in 2024. That means the Gladiator will more or less have the market to itself for another five years, but this could give fans an opportunity to discover something new compared to the Gladiator. Ford declined to comment on the idea of ​​a Bronco pickup, so we’ll have to hold on and see if such a truck comes to life.

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Look at that:

The 2021 Ford Bronco is armed and ready for the jeep hunt


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