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FedEx Express, a subsidiary of FedEx Corp., announced on Monday March 1st that it had started shipping the newly approved Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine for McKesson Corp. started at dosing centers in the United States.

J & J’s single-dose vaccine was approved by the FDA for emergency use on Saturday.

In a press release, FedEx Express announced that millions of COVID-19 vaccines have been shipped since it began selling US sales in mid-December 2020 and is ready to factor in scaling to accommodate anticipated growth in vaccine volume in the spring and summer .

How does the Johnson & Johnson vaccine work?

Almost three months after it began distributing COVID-19 vaccines, FedEx has shipped COVID-19 vaccines and kits to administrative locations in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Washington, DC

COVID-19 vaccine volume is evenly distributed, with FedEx handling roughly half of the federal government-allotted doses and UPS handling the other half.

“As vaccine production increases and more vaccines become approved, we expect a significant increase in COVID-19 vaccine and delivery kit volume across our network,” said Don Colleran, President and CEO of FedEx Express. “As manufacturers gain approval to ship COVID-19 vaccines with wider temperature ranges and different dosage quotas, we expect more of this packaging to be shipped to more locations across our global network.”

FedEx Express will ship the new COVID-19 vaccines and kits for management using its FedEx Priority Overnight service, supported by FedEx Priority Alert Advanced Monitoring – the same process used for all COVID-19 vaccines that by McKesson Corp. and Pfizer Inc. were packaged.

First US doses of the J&J vaccine are shipped

FedEx also supplies COVID-19 vaccines to US military bases overseas for the Defense Logistics Agency and works closely with the Canadian government and healthcare companies to deliver COVID-19 vaccines to all 13 Canadian provinces and territories.

“Over the past three months we have demonstrated the capabilities of our network as we deliver safely and reliably with an average delivery time of less than 20 hours,” said Richard W. Smith, regional president for America and executive vice president of global support for FedEx Express in Memphis.

“With the ability to ship to any zip code in the US, we can deliver to rural, suburban and urban destinations across the country in 24 hours, tracking packages from start to finish in real time as they move through move our system. Said Smith.

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