eBay Packlink Delivery Discount for lock down cash raising

Since January is traditionally a month when wallets are tight, eBay is the place to go to sell everyday items for extra cash, especially since eBay brought back an eBay Packlink delivery discount to cut your shipping costs.

For those back living in their parents’ home, students having to pay tuition, people stepping on the ladder of the property, or parents about to expand their brood, here are just a few of the things they might have lying around to ease their financial problems.

New research has found that many of us are sitting on unwanted items purchased during the last lockdown, including technology such as game consoles, as well as puzzles, board games, and home beauty products.

eBay also saw a surge in listings on December 30th as the British tried to make quick money on unwanted Christmas presents.

“With much of the UK under lockdown again, we expect more people to look for a fresh start and the opportunity to make extra money.

There is a great appetite for beloved items. When the British wanted to get a bargain, three second-hand purchases were made every second in 2020. In January alone, over 7 million used items were sold on eBay UK. “
– Emma Grant, director of Pre-Loved, eBay

eBay Packlink delivery discount

To make it easier to sell safely from home, eBay has reintroduced an eBay Packlink delivery discount that allows packages to be picked up and delivered right from your door via Hermes and UPS for just £ 2.89 and from the comfort of your home.


For young people who are moving out of their family home with their parents after 2020 closes, money can be made quickly with the items from childhood that they don’t take with them to their new dig sites. With nostalgic childhood favorites like hat babies and Pokemon cards tucked away in the back of closets, separating out old toys can help fund their first taste of freedom. The average selling price for items includes:

  1. Hot Wheels – £ 10.50
  2. Baby hat – £ 6.43
  3. Pokemon Cards – £ 9.55
  4. Cassette recorder – £ 36.59
  5. Computer – £ 129
  6. Furbies – £ 16.46
  7. Sylvanian Families- £ 14.82
  8. Roller skates – £ 10.30
  9. DVD player – £ 30.92
  10. Scooter- £ 65.39

Young people flying the nest could make an average of £ 329.96

college student

Students who want to fill their pockets before returning to college can make quick money on old clothes, gadgets, and unwanted Christmas gifts. The average selling price for these items is given as follows:

  1. Old sneakers – £ 27.60
  2. XBox – £ 8.56
  3. Heels – £ 18.30
  4. CD’s – £ 5.53
  5. Books – £ 7.18
  6. Sports equipment – £ 36.64
  7. Backpack – £ 20.69
  8. Bicycle- £ 68.46
  9. Old smartphone – £ 157.42
  10. Old computer – £ 129

Students earned an average of £ 479.38

Buy a first home

After saving for deposits to secure their first pad, first-time buyers who can’t wait to have their own space can earn an average of £ 59.63 from items they used long ago that don’t make it into the moving van. Partners can quickly make money on compromising items to make room for their significant other and list the devices and gadgets they might double up, such as B. TVs, kitchen appliances and furniture.

  1. Sofa – £ 51.57
  2. Coffee table – £ 62.48
  3. Food processor – £ 36.35
  4. Nespresso coffee machine- £ 78.68
  5. Photo frame – £ 8.58
  6. Vintage lampshade – £ 19.05
  7. Mirror – £ 33.13
  8. Cocktail Shaker – £ 12.89
  9. Records – £ 12.92
  10. TV – £ 222.22

Home movers could make an average of: £ 537.80

The baby is on the way

As many newborns are welcomed into the world this year, nests that used to spend free time on hobbies can sell old equipment like tennis rackets or musical instruments to quickly make money to fund the perfect kindergarten.

  1. Musical instruments – £ 28.91
  2. Game consoles – £ 107.56
  3. Carpets – £ 29.23
  4. Handbags – £ 10.70
  5. Tennis racket – £ 25.13
  6. Coat / Jackets – £ 21.85
  7. Wedding dress- £ 80.51
  8. Sewing machine- £ 52.47
  9. High heels – £ 18.30
  10. Jewelry- £ 27.99

Growing families could make an average of £ 402.60

With over 27 million people in the UK shopping on eBay every month, the online marketplace can help you top up your bank balance. You can also easily donate to charity when you sell. Simply select the proportion of your sale you want to donate and choose from over 8,000 charities registered on eBay.

eBay Post Office Service

You can also sell securely from home with the new eBay postal service, making it easy for you to arrange home collections. Just click and drop buy postage, select the items you want to send, and fill in recipient and sender details before choosing your pick-up date. You can then print out your label at home and have your package safely collected from your doorstep. Go to send.royalmail.com for more information.

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