Drivers for food-delivery services rely primarily on tips, so please remember to tip

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There have been numerous reports in recent news of grocery delivery companies (“Cleveland City Council OKs Limit on Third-Party Delivery Charges During Pandemic,” Dec 10). I think the general public needs some information about “order delivery” etiquette.

As a driver for one of the services I would like to share some experiences. On the weekend of December 26-27, I made about 15 deliveries through snow-covered driveways and up icy steps during a pandemic. Five of the deliveries did not have a tip from the person who signed up for the delivery.

Some customers may not realize that the tip is the main source of compensation for the driver. Drivers rely even more on tips than waiters and waitresses.

Drivers take pride in making deliveries and are happy to do so even during the pandemic or in dangerous driving conditions. When ordering delivery, please remember that you are paying for the convenience of delivery. It is not a right that comes with the order. Just like you wouldn’t pick an item from a store that you couldn’t afford at the checkout, pick up your order if you can’t afford to tip the driver for the convenience and service of delivery.

Rich Strekal,

North Olmsted

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