Don’t be such a snob, Carrie! John Lewis furniture is far from a ‘nightmare’

Some basic rules for being the wife / girlfriend / life partner of a modern UK Prime Minister.

  1. Support our NHS staff.
  2. Love dogs.
  3. Stand up for the relentless efforts of Marcus Rashford.
  4. If possible, wear Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen or Vivienne Westwood in public.
  5. Declare your undying love for Stormzy.
  6. And that is the important thing. Never, NEVER litter John Lewis’ home department.

Carrie Symonds, Boris Johnson’s fiancée and mother of his young son Wilfred, is currently renovating the Prime Minister’s residence at 11 Downing Street and may not have read the first lady’s playbook correctly.

A profile of Carrie in Tatler magazine reveals that her home remodel was inspired by her friend Lulu Lytle, a posh interior designer whose Soane company is known for its eclectic, expensive mismatched aesthetic.

(Doesn’t Alan Clark have to be spinning in his grave? Carrie and Boris are not only “the kind of people who have to buy their own furniture,” they seem like the type who have to pay someone else to buy it say where to put it.)

Taking inspiration from Lulu’s elegantly colliding model landscape, Carrie has begun an overhaul that involves hanging up silly money wall panels and removing any remnants of Theresa May’s “John Lewis Furniture Nightmare”.

Am I alone if I feel slightly dismayed by this comment? Granted, former Prime Minister May, with her LK Bennett clothes, helmet hair, and “racy” kitten heels, isn’t exactly someone this Wallpaper * magazine editor would turn to for interior decorating tips. And yes, for the uninitiated, some of John Lewis’ stocks seem a bit safe and suburban.

But anyone with half an eye for detail, a heritage, quality and the timelessly chic mid-century aesthetic will know the icon of Oxford Street as a true household good, a blonde wooden canopy where the spirit of the Festival of Britain lives on An honest feeling for location, quality and reliability permeates the Helvetica font.

Founded over 150 years ago, John Lewis is having a tough time (last year the group announced it would close eight stores and retail centers with the loss of 1,300 jobs). John Lewis continues to be a forward-thinking supplier of William Morris wallpaper, Tom Dixon candles, and the same steam-bent wooden Ercol couch that occupies this writer’s living room.

If you ignore the developers’ boring corner sofas and standard lights, you’ll find hygge, Scandi-cozy throws and rugs, solid parquet-fronted sideboards, Dieter Rams-ish private label electrical appliances, and wild Sanderson pressure pillows like your grandparents used to do. If Carrie is looking for chic, eye-catching wallpaper, the floral “Tulipa Stellata” from Designers Guild is available for £ 205.00 a roll.

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