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Do We Really Need Roof Repair or Replacement?

Oct 18

Roof leaks, damage to the roof, or roof issues needing attention? It is important to understand what signs you should look out for when deciding between a roof repair and a roof replacement. It may seem like a simple fix, but in reality, you must replace your entire roof. It can be difficult knowing if your roof requires more than just repairs. In most cases, a roof inspection is required to determine whether roof repair is the best solution or roof replacement.

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Signs that your roofing system needs to be repaired or replaced

There are a few signs that your roof is in dire need of replacement. Here are some indicators that your roof might need to be replaced.

Absent shingles

This is a common problem in asphalt shingle roofs. If you find that any of the shingles are missing, you should call a roof repair service or roof replacement company. If an older roof has asphalt shingles that are on top of another layer, it is best not to attempt to repair it again. There shouldn't be more than two layers to a roof. Otherwise, it can become too heavy and may lead to structural problems.

Lagging shingles can lead to holes in the roof's underlayment, which could cause leaks. These roof leaks can result in long-term damage due to mold and mildew.

This would lead to serious problems later on when dealing with the roofs or leaking in the house. This is an emergency situation that requires immediate attention.

Shingles curling up in corners

Shingle roofing is extremely durable but over time, it may curl at the corners. Wind damage is often responsible for roof shingles curling. Shingle roof repair may be able to stop curling and possibly save hundreds of dollars in roof replacement costs.

Standing water on your rooftop

If left unattended, roofing waste can become a dangerous problem. Even small amounts of water can cause rot, mold, and even complete destruction of your roof structure. This is especially important for homes situated in humid climates.

Homeowners need to be aware of roof drainage issues such as roof shingle particles clumping after heavy rains. This sign is often a sign of an issue with your roof’s waterproof membrane. This is more common with roofs that are flat, or with roofs on a low slope. In these cases, rainwater tends to build up even more.

Blocked roof gutters

Leave your roof gutters clogged up with leaves, twigs, or other debris. This can cause water from the roof to overflow. This could lead to water seepage into your home's foundation or mold growth under your roofing system if it is not addressed.

Clogged roof gutters contribute to ice dams. They form during the winter months as the snow melts off roofs. The chances of roof damage are increased if there is an icy build-up.

Roof leaks

Roof repairs that leak around the chimney and roof ridges, as well as roof valleys, should be taken seriously. If your roof has shingles that curl up at the edges or are broken in multiple places on the roof surface, then you need to inspect them. Our Pittsburgh roofing contractors can inspect your ceiling to determine if there are any areas that have become discolored from water damage.

Steadfast Roofing recommends roof repairs if a leaky roof occurs. This is because it may prove too costly to repair the damage. Or the roofing material might need to be replaced. If your roof leaks due to a storm or flood, it is time for a new roof.

Roof damage from a storm and/or flood.

Natural disasters like storms and flooding can pose a danger to any roof. A major storm can cause roof damage in the form of water leakage or other visible damages.

Leakage is one of the most obvious signs that your roof needs repair. If not dealt with immediately, leaks could cause extensive interior water damage.

When hail or ice storms cause roof damage, which can result in a lot of roofing shingle bursting but not affecting the roof structure beneath, roof repair services are required. If there are no structural damages, roof replacement will not be needed after a hailstorm.

What is the typical cost of roofing repair in Pittsburgh?

Roof replacement services are available for a cost of $35-$40 per square foot. For an average roof, it costs $3.50-5.00 per square foot.

A qualified contractor will inspect everything, including drainage, during roof repairs. These are usually covered under most standard home insurance packages.

How long does roof repair usually take?

The extent of roof damage from weather conditions such as rain, snow, or wind determines the amount of time it will take to repair your roof. Sometimes roof repairs can be completed in as little time as a day. However, some may take multiple days depending on how extensive the work is and what materials are required.

Depending upon the size of the roof, roof repair can take up to three days. There are many roofing materials that can be used to replace a roof, depending on what customers prefer, including shingles or tiles roofs and different colors.


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