Do I Have to Tip the Movers?

I’ve heard that some military families give their packers and moving companies cash tips during a PCS. Now I worry that if we don’t give them money, they will purposely break our things. Nobody talked about tips during the transport briefing. What should I do? Do I have to tip the mover?

Whether to tip movers is one of those timeless debates among military families. As far as I know, most military families feed their packers and moving companies for lunch or dinner instead of giving them cash. In a poll on’s SpouseBuzz blog, over 58 percent of readers said they never give cash, while nearly 22 percent said so, and about 20 percent said it depends on the doers and the quality of their work.

According to representatives of the moving industry I spoke to, tipping is considered common and even expected in the civil moving world. These experts suggested giving cash to each person at the end of the job – up to $ 20 per packer and moving company. But for military families, it can really add up with two different teams doing the packing and unpacking, as is often the case.

That may be why, instead of a money tip, many military families ensure that the packers and moving companies are provided with pizza, sandwiches, or other meals and drinks every day they are there. I’ve also heard of some families who gave the moving companies the alcohol they didn’t want to take away as a thank you (obviously after the job was done).

Personally, I think whether or not you decide to leave a cash tip depends on what type of move you are making. Tip if you leave the box out of the box, you will not receive good graces from people you will never see again. However, as you move door to door, you may have the same team on both ends. In that case, giving each person $ 20 for a job well done could buy some happier movers after packing but before actually moving. And happier movers could mean less broken stuff. It is worth a try.

Good luck with your move!

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