Decorative surfaces that will keep business moving

The solid surface of Durasein available from IDS offers immense creative scope for a number of applications due to its high-resolution deep-drawing qualities


Given that Covid and Brexit are struggling, the UK economy faces a number of challenges to keep the wheels of business turning. Over the past twenty years, during the boom years and the financial crisis, the national distributor IDS had remained steadfast in its ability to supply the UK market with its extensive range of decorative surfaces from stock.

John Bagshaw, Managing Director at IDS, says: “When we go beyond Brexit there is a lot of talk about the supply and availability of products as we move to the new normal, but here at IDS our strong supply chain relationships, healthy inventory levels in all of our product areas, Fast delivery times are central to our business ethos and will remain so in these changing times. “

IDS gives customers the advantage of being a one-stop-shop, stocking 12,000 lines of products, including the industry’s largest selection of panel products, laminates, solid surfaces, high pressure laminates and countertops. Thanks to this depth and breadth of the inventory combined with first-class logistics know-how, products can be delivered within 24 to 48 hours from any of the company’s 18 regional branches.

Thanks to its extensive warehousing, IDS can deliver the core product within 24 to 48 hours

The IDS portfolio is geared towards the immediate requirements of customers and covers all the basics for design, application and price. It offers customers flexibility and choice from a wide range of industry leading brands with a choice of products from ethical and sustainable sources across all product groups.

For board products, IDS stocks a wide variety of materials, from raw board 3050/2440 x 1220 standard and MR MDF to decorative board materials in a variety of substrate options. For the entire spectrum of MFC, MFMDF and CDF there is a product solution for all project requirements, while the creative full-color core Forescolor MDF offers considerable design options and manufacturing advantages.

Forescolor offers breakthrough colors in MDF for significant design options and manufacturing benefits

IDS is the exclusive UK distributor for the Swiss Krono range, known for its innovation and exclusive design. There are over 128 stocks that are FSC-certified and have a core that complies with the new German standard (E D2020) in terms of lower formaldehyde content.

IDS already offers the first formaldehyde-free chipboard from Swiss Krono with the BE.YOND series. In April comes BE.SAFE, an antiviral treatment that offers triple protection against viruses, bacteria and fungi and can be specified throughout the Swiss Krono One World Collection that is constantly evolving to meet the demands of the global consumer.

For laminates, IDS brings together the biggest names in the industry, including Formica, Polyrey and Resopal, to create a comprehensive selection of over 1,000 decorative effects in various sheet sizes and qualities, as well as carrier laminates. And for solid surfaces, IDS offers, in addition to the Elements3 series, a selection of the premium brand Acryl Durasein®, which offers advantages in terms of cost. The large selection of decors, sheet sizes and thicknesses is tailored to the needs of interior and business premises.

Bottom Line Bagshaw: “Furniture makers, makers and designers can rest assured that our business is geared to meet their needs. From the product specialists who can help you choose the right materials to the truck drivers who deliver as planned, we’re here to keep your business moving. “

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