CT’s Favorite Home Delivery Meal is Jamaican Beef Patties

Grubhub just released its annual list of the hottest home delivery meals for 2020. Some results were surprising, others make a lot of sense. For example, last year’s list had many healthier plates, and 2020 is all about comfort eating.

The surprise for me was to learn that Jamaican beef patties is the nutmeg state’s favorite home delivery food this year. I wasn’t blown away because they’re bad, damn no, I love them and can eat about thirty in one session. It’s just that if I had to guess what the best delivery of CT is, I would have guessed wrong about twelve times before I finally answered correctly.

What about our neighbors? New York went with an egg & turkey sausage sandwich (super specific) and New Jersey is so hot for steak, egg and cheese sandwiches. Her research also revealed the biggest mandate to come through her system this year and wait for it. Someone ordered 300 bean burritos.

The top three movers and shakers of the hottest foods for 2020 were all chicken based. Spicy chicken sandwiches were king at number 1, the chicken burrito bowl at number 2, and chicken wings at number 3.

And people want us to believe that there is a chicken shortage? I believe when fifty percent of each menu isn’t full. Until then, save me the nonsense of the chicken shortage. I don’t buy it, I have to save my money on chicken dishes.

Below is a fun one: 30 second Jamaican beef patties recipe just in case you want to make them at home and your Grubhub delivery man doesn’t let them eat them on the way to your house like my last delivery man did.

If you want to get the recipe right, you may spend more than 30 seconds researching it.

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