COVID Live Updates: Amazon offers vaccine delivery help, Fauci addresses WHO

NEW YORK (WABC) – Amazon is offering to help the Biden administration resolve the vaccine delivery problems.

They said they are offering to “use their operations, information technology and communication skills”.

In the meantime, there is some encouraging news with a federal memo showing – overall – the country is seeing fewer cases of coronavirus from week to week and deaths are flattening out. But the number of people who die every day is staggering.

4,409 people have died in the past 24 hours. That’s nearly the number of US military personnel killed in Iraq since 2003.

Dr. Anthony Fauci represented the US at a meeting of the World Health Organization. President Biden rejoins WHO following former President Trump’s withdrawal.

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Here are more headlines from today:

Fauci resumes COVID-19 briefings at the White House under the administration of Biden
Dr. Anthony Fauci is back in the White House briefing room. The country’s foremost infectious disease expert has been hired by President Joe Biden to provide an update on the coronavirus pandemic after being largely incapacitated by former President Donald Trump in recent months.

Fauci said the new administration was “completely open and honest” in dealing with the pandemic and said in an implicit charge to the Trump administration that everything would now be “based on science and evidence”.

Eli Lilly says antibodies can prevent COVID-19 disease in nursing homes
Drug maker Eli Lilly said Thursday its antibody drug could prevent COVID-19 disease in residents and employees of nursing homes and other long-term care facilities.

It is the first major study to show that such treatment can prevent disease in a group devastated by the pandemic.

7 On Your Side: Tips For Hiring Reputable Moving Companies In The Age Of COVID
Planning a moving company has grown in urgency in this age of COVID, but hiring moving companies is part of the art, and most of all, a science. 7 On your side Nina Pineda has the tips to compensate for a stressful situation.

Dave Clark, CEO of Amazon Worldwide Consumer, sent a letter to President Biden that read in part, “As the second largest employer in the country, Amazon employs over 800,000 people in the US, most of whom are key workers who work from home We are proud of the role our employees have played in helping customers stay safe and get critical products and services at home. “

The British cruise ship requires all passengers to be vaccinated
Saga Cruises, a UK-based cruise operator, announced that all passengers must be given the COVID-19 vaccine before embarking on a trip.

The entire cruise industry has been grappling with multiple deadly outbreaks of the virus on board ships since February 2020, and many cruise lines have been forced to cease operations entirely during the pandemic.

Saga Cruises’ vaccine needs appear to be a first for large cruise lines. The company said it was postponing the restart date for its cruises to May to give more people time to get the vaccine.

President Biden is pushing for schools to reopen within 100 days as part of the COVID-19 response
President Joe Biden promises to reopen most K-12 schools within 100 days – an ambitious goal as cases in Covid mount and teachers across the country battle some reopening plans.

The teachers’ union leaders say they are satisfied with Biden’s urgency and focus, but warn that the 100-day promise may have to be a goal rather than a fixed goal.

1 year ago today: The doctor is considering the treatment of “patient 1”. 1st confirmed COVID-19 case in the US
On January 21, 2020, the US announced its first confirmed case of disease caused by the novel coronavirus from Wuhan, China – what we now call COVID-19.

The country’s first known case of a disease that caused a pandemic and killed hundreds of thousands of Americans was discovered in a man who lived outside of Seattle, Washington.

President Biden instructs the Department of Education to extend the student loan facility
At the request of President Joe Biden, the incumbent Secretary of Education will extend the federal student loan payments and collection pause and keep the interest rate at 0% through September 30.

The extension was announced on Wednesday evening, days before the moratorium expires at the end of this month.

While holding hands, the wife and wife die of COVID-19 19 days after their 70th wedding anniversary
The rising death toll from COVID-19 has devastated many families on a personal level. One instance shows this like no other.

An Ohio couple who recently celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary both died minutes apart, leaving behind seven decades of memories, five children, 13 grandchildren and 28 great-grandchildren.

Success academy for the rest of the school year
Success Academy, New York’s largest network of charter schools with approximately 20,000 students, will only be removed for the remainder of the school year. The virtual class ends on May 28th, one month earlier. Classes will resume on August 2nd, hopefully with a better chance of personal learning than in the spring.

NY closes some vaccination centers
So far, 15 vaccination centers in New York City have had to close due to a lack of vaccines.
The mayor says the shortage is preventing the city from meeting its vaccination goals.
Due to a delay in the delivery of Moderna vaccines, the city has postponed nearly 23,000 appointments that were originally scheduled for today through Sunday.


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