Could new door furniture product be game changer for specifiers?

One of the biggest challenges in any building is to keep surfaces or hotspots that you touch on a regular basis, clean and free of bacteria and viruses. Door furniture is one of the busiest hotspots in business premises and is one of the fastest ways to spread infections and viruses.

The typical handle in a public toilet hosts up to 40,000 germs per square inch, and standard handles are without a doubt the largest carrier of healthcare-related infections.

Mark Wintle, P-Wave® sales and marketing director, says his company has found a solution to this problem. He explains, “What if the door furniture was antimicrobial and antibacterial, creating a permanent solution that is effective against bacteria and viruses and continues to protect between your standard cleaning intervals?

“P-Wave® is proud to present the perfect solution that is not only affordable, but also contains an additive that will last over the entire life cycle of the product.”

P-Wave’s Steri-Core Silver Ion Technology Antimicrobial Door Furniture helps reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses. The products have been tested against MRSA, E-Coli, Salmonella and Norovirus and proven to be effective. They have a high concentration of antimicrobial agents that are mixed with the polymer during the manufacturing process and are part of the product’s molecular structure.

This ensures that the silver ion technology is active right down to the core of the handles. In contrast to coated products or foils, Steri-Core handles kill pathogens effectively even if they are scratched or damaged. A manufacturer’s guarantee of 10 years is granted on every handle.

In order to withstand heavy use, the handles are injection-molded in one piece from strong polymer material with rounded edges and without joints or connections, 100% recyclable and scratch and water-resistant. Unlike standard metal handles, the unique material does not rust. The handles are available in two widths (75 mm or 100 mm) in blue, black or gray / silver. They are fireproof, UV and light resistant, making them perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

The non-porous polypropylene material prevents the embedding and staining of dirt on the surface, making it easier to remove dirt and bacteria compared to conventional materials. The material used in the Steri-Core products enables quick and comprehensive cleaning with detergents, steam cleaning and chlorine disinfectants (BS EN 12720: 20091).

The range has been patented and independent testing has shown that P-Wave’s Steri-Core products are made from the only material in the world clinically proven to be EPA-FCA uncoated strain F9 of human Kills norovirus (ISO 22196: 2011).

P-Wave® is currently awaiting test results to prove that its Steri-Core products are also effective against coronavirus, which according to the American Chemistry Council is an enveloped virus and easier to kill2 than non-enveloped viruses.

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