Connecticut Experiencing Influx of Movers from New York City

Connecticut’s population traditionally fluctuates, with Fairfield County typically being considered the hottest county – especially for people moving from New York City.

There has been a lot of speculation and anecdotal evidence lately that Connecticut is a place where people flock to do new routines from home and escape the city’s dense nature. New data suggests that the state actually saw an unusual influx of people due to the pandemic.

Moving App Updater recently examined the displacement dates from March 1st to September 30th 2020 in the region. For the first time in three years, more people moved to Connecticut than from Connecticut. Compared to 2019, there have been 43% more inbound moves into the state this year.

“We can analyze the data by zip code and city for a really unique and insightful look at trends,” commented Jenna Weinerman, vice president of marketing at Updater. “The number of people who moved to Connecticut from New York has doubled compared to 2019 during the pandemic.”

The all-in-one app that moves people around estimates that a third of all US moves use its technology to streamline the process and get real-time insights into migration patterns.

The trends are based on a random sample of 20,000 moves in Connecticut and a larger sample of 55,000 moves in the three-state region from March 1 to September 30, 2020.

Where do the people come from

“Most moves across the country are local moves – this is not uncommon. What is unusual this year, however, is the rapid growth in inbound movements from origin points over greater distances, ”Weinerman said. The data shows that the number of inbound moves to Connecticut has increased year on year from all major metropolitan areas on the top 10 origins list.

Top cities are moving to Connecticut

  1. New York City, NY (+ 45% YoY)

  2. Boston, MA (+ 42% YoY)

  3. Washington, DC (+ 9% YoY)

  4. Chicago, IL (+ 85% YoY)

  5. Los Angeles, CA (+ 14% YoY)

  6. Philadelphia, PA (+ 5% YoY)

  7. Springfield, MA (+ 122% YoY)

  8. Providence, RI (+ 100% YoY)

  9. San Francisco, California (+ 15% YoY)

  10. Atlanta, GA (-7% YoY)

Additionally, most of the New York City influx came from three boroughs.

Top NYC boroughs in Connecticut

  1. Manhattan (+ 165% YoY)

  2. Brooklyn (+ 103% YoY)

  3. Bronx (+ 96% YoY)

Where did people go?

Weinerman: “Some smaller Connecticut cities that you don’t normally find in the top 10 moving destination lists were shown during the pandemic. As mortgage rates become less attractive at historic lows and in dense cities due to the virus, atypical real estate markets are getting hotter. ”

Top destinations in Connecticut

  1. Stamford (+ 33% YoY)

  2. Norwalk (+ 2% YoY)

  3. New Haven (+ 25% YoY)

  4. Danbury (+ 1% YoY)

  5. Bloomfield (+ 172% YoY)

  6. Milford (+ 46% YoY)

  7. Wethersfield (+ 683% YoY)

  8. Glastonbury (+ 7% YoY)

  9. Fairfield (+ 58% YoY)

  10. Darien (+ 61% YoY)

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