Commission-free pickup and delivery app Kurb n Go helps local restaurants struggling during COVID-19 pandemic

CORONA (KABC) – There is a new app Kurb n Go that helps local restaurants.

When you order restaurant delivery with Grub Hub, Uber Eats, DoorDash, and others, the apps charge companies a commission in excess of 30% in some cases. Some even hit you with a fee.

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“People are ordering more and they find this is important during the pandemic to help their neighborhood and community. These online ordering apps have significantly reduced the revenues and profits of these restaurants, and people are not realizing it.” said Sarah Eley from Kurb n Go.

Some restaurants barely stay afloat. Others go under. Eley and her team founded Kurb n Go (yes KURB with a K) in the hope of changing that.

The online ordering app is helping restaurants and small businesses generate more revenue during the pandemic. It debuted five months ago, and the app’s developers say 100 restaurants have signed up to use the service so far.

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“We don’t make any money with this app. It’s free for restaurants and users,” said Eley. “We own a software development company and we thought about what we could do with our skills to really help the community.”

One restaurant owner says Kurb n Go gave his business a lifeline.

“Those other apps charged 30% commissions and we went crazy and Kurb n Go came with them. They said no commissions, no fees for it and we got into it and it was a breeze. It worked so well for us as customers too . It’s easy to use, “said Sumit Sharma.

Even if the governor lifts restrictions on California restaurants that allow businesses to dine al fresco again, many people will still rely on takeaway orders, and the creators of Kurb n Go hope the service benefits businesses helps make profits during these difficult days.

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