Chipotle Wants to Embrace Curbside Pickup

A new test from Chipotle could help pave the way for more roadside pickups from food service providers – and comes at a time when this fulfillment service is continually expanding in various areas of retail.

The chain said it was testing Chipotle Carside in 29 restaurants in California. For the first time, customers of the Mexican grocer can use the Chipotle app to have Chipotle items delivered directly to their parked cars.

While this new Chipotle test isn’t the greatest effort recently made by the roadside, the news shows that this service is still gaining traction in 2021. Crate and Barrel, for example, recently improved its roadside pickup with Glympse, a Duty Day mobile communication platform that enables and enables proactive collaboration between customers and business partners.

Additionally, Costco is testing roadside pickup after long resisting this move.

Chipotle announces its new roadside foray as the retailer is about to run its first TV ad during the Super Bowl.

When ordering from participating restaurants, consumers can select “Carside Pickup” in the checkout area of ​​the Chipotle app.

After the order is confirmed, the following instructions will be displayed:

  • Go to the restaurant.
  • Park as close as possible to the restaurant.
  • Open the Chipotle app and tap the “I’m here” button.
  • A Chipotle team member brings the order to the car.
  • Customers can also choose their vehicle type and color in the app, including entering the make of their car.

“As our digital business evolves, we continue to seek ways to eliminate friction and improve access to our real food,” said Curt Garner, chief technology officer. “Chipotle Carside gives guests a new, extremely convenient pick-up experience from our restaurant parking lots.”

Since the beginning of the pandemic, every third new customer has tried Chipotle via digital order channels. In Q3 2020, Chipotle’s digital revenue tripled year over year, accounting for 48.8% of the quarter’s revenue.

Earlier this month, Chipotle added its concierge chat bot, Pepper, to the Chipotle app to ensure guests have an exceptional experience. App customers can now choose from frequently asked questions or ask their own questions for a quick answer.

Over the past year, Chipotle introduced a number of innovations to support the massive growth of its digital business, including the first digital kitchen just outside the gates of the Military Academy in Highland Falls, New York, the latest Chipotle restaurant design, pick-up and delivery orders only Services.

Chipotlanes, the brand’s digital order pick-up lanes, are expected to feature in most of the new Chipotle restaurants opening this year.

Customers can also order via Facebook Messenger by visiting or the Chipotle page in the Facebook app and selecting the “Message Us” option.

Individuals dining with family or close friends can use Chipotle’s group order feature by simply selecting “Start Group Order” in the Chipotle app or on With the group order, several people can participate in the ordering process at the same time.

Finally, the unlimited customization feature in the Chipotle app allows fans to make each ingredient light, standard, or extra to digitally reproduce the restaurant ordering experience.

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