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A Charlottetown woman has reached out to the police and the media in hopes of recovering all of her possessions and thousands of dollars from a moving company with a faulty balance sheet.

Kerry Aitcheson, 56, got just stress and anxiety from a Toronto-based company called Move Me Again Transportation.

Aitcheson signed a $ 9,000 contract to move her belongings from Toronto to her new home in Charlottetown.

She arrived on September 1 with her cat named Roxy to begin two weeks of self-isolation at their Churchill Avenue home.

The moving company, which was due to arrive on August 31, has to drive to their property more than a week later.

Aitcheson is eagerly awaiting the truckload of items, from clothing to furniture, which she estimates would cost between $ 100,000 and $ 150,000 to replace.

“All of my personal belongings are there,” she says. “My photos, my memories. My whole life has been on this truck.”

Roxy poses with the items borrowed from friendly neighbors in an otherwise empty house in Charlottetown. Roxy’s owner, Kerry Aitcheson, is “thrilled” with a moving company that has doubled its fee and is more than a week overdue to deliver the woman’s belongings.

Your new home, on the other hand, is rather sparse at the moment.

She slept on the floor in a completely empty house until friendly neighbors, who learned of her plight, borrowed a mattress, television, and garden chair for some comfort and entertainment.

“They were very nice,” she says.

In the moving company, however, Aitcheson sees red. She feels betrayed and betrayed.

She says Move Me Again Transportation informed her on Sept. 2 that her possessions were still in Toronto and that the company’s policy is not to leave the province until she is fully paid.

That was news to her. This is how the company learned that it now wanted $ 17,985.25, not the $ 9,000 and change that had been agreed in writing.

“They have more than doubled (the cost),” says Aitcheson.

Out of desperation, she paid the company the nearly $ 18,000 it was looking for. A few days later, she was told she owed an additional $ 487, which she paid.

She feels robbed and has to self-isolate, not knowing if or when the moving company will deliver her belongings.

“I’m upset,” she says. “I’m absolutely freaking out. Stressed out.”

Take the right steps

Here are 10 tips for hiring a moving company:

  • Research company.
  • Get more than one estimate
  • Make sure the mover knows everything is moving
  • make an insurance
  • Pay close attention to the contract
  • Ask questions about the contract
  • Get moving in winter.
  • Stick to your delivery date.
  • Check inventory to make sure nothing is lost or damaged.
  • Make sure the company is legitimate


According to Aitcheson, Toronto Police announced her Tuesday that her situation was fraud and theft, and police opened a file against Move Me Again Transportation.

The company seems to have left many dissatisfied customers in its footsteps.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​notes on its website that it has received numerous complaints regarding increases in company billing and delays in deliveries.

“Consumers have told our office that the cost of their move has increased significantly compared to the first offers that led them to sign a contract,” said BBB. “When consumers request an explanation or a discount, they are told that their items will not be delivered until full payment has been transferred. Additionally, consumers have advised that their items are not being delivered on time and that the company is not providing compensation or advice for returning their items. “

The BBB shared its concerns with Move Me Again in a letter May 5, calling on the company to work towards correcting the underlying reasons for the complaints.

The company advised BBB that consumers were not fully scrutinizing the terms of their moving contracts. However, when BBB asked to review the contracts and emails Move Me Again sends to its consumers, it received no response.

Follow-up examinations were unsuccessful, adds the BBB.

The Guardian tried to contact Move Me Again. A woman who identifies herself as a customer service representative with the moving company said she would call a manager back in five minutes.

Nobody called back. Later attempts to reach the owner of the company were also unsuccessful.

Aitcheson plans to take legal action to recoup the additional costs and receive compensation for being forced to live a week and count in a nearly empty house with no belongings in self-isolation.

“I’m thrilled that they (Move Me Again) are so carefree,” she says.

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