Britain’s home moving hotspots revealed

New market insights from real estate agent Keller Williams UK uncovered the hotspots for moving in the UK last year.

The study analyzed the number of houses sold in England, Wales and Scotland over the past 12 months and what that represents as a percentage of the total housing stock.

There have been nearly 800,000 removals in the past year, meaning 2.6% of the total UK property market has moved home despite numerous lockdown restrictions and the bigger ongoing problems caused by the pandemic.

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The research found that Scotland is the most moving with 81,751 transactions in the past 12 months, representing 3.1% of all homes in the country.

Scotland has seven of the top 15 community home moving hotspots. In East Lothian, 4.1% of all homes were launched in the past 12 months.

Midlothian (3.9%), East Renfrewshire (3.7%), South Lanarkshire (3.7%) and Renfrewshire (3.5%) are also some of the best known hotspots in Great Britain.

In England, 2.6% of all households have moved their homes in the past 12 months, with the South West (2.9%), the South East (2.8%) and the East Midlands (2.8%) leading the way .

Harborough in Leicestershire is a community leader. Last year 1,477 transactions were completed, which resulted in 3.7% of the total real estate market moving in the region.

South Derbyshire (3.6%), North West Leicestershire (3.5%), Central Bedfordshire (3.4%) and Bracknell Forest (3.4%) also moved most of the areas in England.

In Wales, 2.3% of the total property market chose to move last year. In Vale of Glamorgan, that number rose to 3%, the highest in Wales.

Bridgend also had a large number of moving companies with 2.8% of all homes sold in the area, along with Conwy (2.6%), Denbighshire, Newport and Flintshire (2.5%).

At just 1.9%, the capital had the lowest number of moving companies relative to market size, although that number climbs to 2.9% in Bromley, making it the capital’s moving hotspot.

Havering (2.8%), Bexley (2.7%), Richmond (2.6%) and Kingston (2.5%) also ranked high.

Ben Taylor, Managing Director of Keller Williams UK, said, “While 2.6% of households that choose to move may not sound high, it is important to remember that this is in relation to a total of 28.5 million Homes across the UK and amid pandemic uncertainties and problems faces lockdown restrictions.

“In that context, nearly 800,000 successful moves are pretty impressive, and the fact that we did it while simultaneously juggling the weird new normal of lockdown life is pretty commendable.

“Of course, the dangling carrot of a stamp duty saving would have helped increase those numbers.

“With a possible extension of deadlines along the way, we should see that the number of us who sell and move on remains high.”

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