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Knowing which moving company is best for your needs can help you see how painful (or painfully easy) your moving experience is. When doing your research, consider the following factors:

  • budget: How much can you comfortably afford for your move? (Consider allowing for some margin in the event of unexpected bumps or delays.)
  • Custom articles: Do you have any special, heavy or fragile items that you need to move? Look for moving companies that specialize in the services you need to get the best result possible.
  • Your timeline: Some moving companies can do the job in half the time of others. If you have time on the go, you may have more flexibility in options.
  • Type of movement: Depending on how far you go, you may need a specific type of mover. Some companies only operate on-site or only operate over long distances, while other companies cover all types of removals.

Types of moving companies

Before locking yourself into a moving company, it is important to understand the type of move you will need.

Whether you are moving personally or planning a move for your employer, the first step in your search is to understand the difference between a household moving company and a commercial moving company. From there, companies can offer the following services:

Local: Usually any movement under 50 miles is considered local movement. These parameters may change depending on your state and the policies of the removal company you choose. It is important to confirm that your move is within the mileage of the specific company.

Remote: Moving becomes a long-haul trip when you need to travel over 50 miles (or company policies stated). A long distance movement is not necessarily synonymous with an interstate movement (see below).

Interstate: Interstate movements include all movements that require the crossing of state borders.

International: Any move that requires travel outside of the US (yes, this includes Canada) is considered an international move. Not only do you need to check that your chosen moving company offers international services, but some may even offer assistance with housing and correcting immigration documents.

Move container: Moving container services offer containers and pods in various sizes that homeowners usually have to pack themselves.

Special removals: Some moving companies offer specialty services for special items like pianos, art, and even wine collections.

Car movers: If you need to move a car long distances or internationally, some companies offer auto removal services as an additional cost.

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