Best Michigan grocery delivery, pickup services amid coronavirus crisis

LANSING – If you’re running out of groceries but don’t want to leave the house, there are other ways to keep your pantry stocked.

Grocery stores are one of the essential services to stay open despite Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s orders that all Michigandans stay at home, except under certain circumstances.

Meijer, Kroger, Walmart, Target and Aldi offer the delivery and collection of groceries. Online purchases in all five stores can be made either online or via an app.

“It’s scary in stores”

A Shipt Personal Shopper loads a car full of Meijer groceries before a delivery.

Brandi Matteson has been with Instacart since June. She is a 5-star shopper and has completed more than 1,000 shopping trips in Greater Lansing. She said she had never seen anything like the atmosphere in grocery stores.

The hectic shoppers came in waves, she said. Wave 1: When the MSU canceled classes on campus. Wave 2: When the K-12 schools were closed. Wave 3: When Whitmer closed down eating areas in bars and restaurants. Wave 4: Whitmer’s order to stay home.

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With each wave, the number and size of orders increased. It’s a kind of panic Matteson has never seen before: Even when Hurricane Matthew rushed towards their Florida home in 2016.

“It’s scary in stores … I’ve never seen panic like this,” Matteson said. “We’re all just running in rags.”

Schedule delivery early, be patient, and communicate with your buyer

The ship shopper Gina Moorman from Detroit searches for waffle fries in the freezer department at Meijer on June 22, 2017 in Detroit.

Her phone goes off from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. all day unless she mutes notifications for new orders, she said. By Tuesday afternoon, Instacart had no available delivery spaces until Thursday.

“Be patient, it’s going to take a little longer to do business now,” Matteson said. “Important items will be sold out everywhere. We cannot control inventory.”

Speaking of stores in Greater Lansing, Matteson said Aldi did the best to keep the shelves stocked and Kroger did the worst.

“Look at what we do in the delivery industry. We offer a service to a lot of people who literally can’t go out – especially if they or a loved one in their home are immunocompromised,” she said. “We can ensure that you get what you need and protect your family at the same time.”

Matteson shared tips for people looking to order through grocery delivery services:

  • Leave the shipping instructions for your buyer.
  • Schedule delivery times as early as possible so the shelves are full when your buyer is there.
  • Remember: buyers do their best to get what they ordered, but the item is not always in stock.
  • If your delivery arrives after sunset, leave the lights on on your porch so your buyer can see your house number.
  • Keep an eye out for messages from your buyer about delivery times and any replacement requirements

order online

Once logged in or created an account, add items to your shopping cart, just like you would when shopping online at any other retailer. Add the number of each item you want and if you have specific instructions.

When you’re done, click the shopping cart icon to continue your order. You can choose your delivery date and delivery time. Collection and delivery on the same day are possible.

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Many grocery stores use Shipt or Instacart to complete the pickup and delivery of their orders.

Using Shipt directly, customers can receive items from CVS, Petco, Office Depot, Office Max, Meijer and Target.

Instacart supplies from Sam’s Club, Costco, Aldi, CVS, Meijer, Kroger, Petco, Fresh Thyme, Better Heatlh, Gordon Food Service and Target.

Delivery and collection are not possible in every zip code.

How much does delivery or collection cost?


ALDI offers both the delivery and the pick-up of food orders.

You can schedule a delivery up to seven days in advance, one hour from the time you place your order, or anytime in between.

ALDI offers free delivery on your first three orders of USD 35 or more. Thereafter, orders over $ 35 will have a $ 3.99 shipping fee.

With ALDI’s curb service, you can order groceries online and collect them from the store’s car park.

Shop here.


Kroger delivers groceries for $ 9.95. Orders can only be paid for with credit or debit cards. Cash, checks, gift cards, and government benefits are not accepted.

Kroger gives customers the option to leave their order on their door instead of having to be at home for delivery.

In-store grocery collection is free. Arrive at any time during the time slot you choose to collect your groceries. You can arrange a pick-up time up to three days in advance. Once you get there, call the number on the grocery pickup sign in the parking lot and someone will bring your order to you.

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Meijer offers in-store grocery delivery and collection. Pickup is $ 4.95 and shipping is $ 9.95. There is no membership required for either option and there is no minimum to place an order.

Groceries can be picked up or delivered within an hour of placing your order. However, delivery times are tight due to Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s home order.

A ship buyer handles both delivery and collection orders. They will let you know where and when to meet them to collect your order.

You must be home to accept delivery of your order. Buyers cannot purchase tobacco, prescription drugs, propane tanks, or lottery tickets.

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Target offers a free four-week trial for shipping delivery of groceries or other in-store items. After the first four weeks, an annual subscription to Shipt is $ 99 for unlimited orders over $ 35. You can also pay per order.

With Target, customers can also pick up their order in the store or have it delivered to their car in the parking lot.

The store warned buyers that some items may be unavailable or delayed due to high demand.

Shop here.


With Walmart, customers can order groceries online and pick them up at a designated location in the parking lot. In-store collection is free.

It accepts SNAP / EBT for payment but not WIC or eWIC.

No locations in Lansing offer food delivery.

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