Best healthy meal delivery services

Raw generation: For the juicer

Think of Raw Generation as your personal, virtual juice bar. They have green and sweet juices, as well as smoothies, soups, and keto-friendly drinks. You can subscribe to recurring delivery for most products, including multi-day cleaning. This way you save 10% of the basic price. The Protein Cleanse offers 3 cold-pressed juices and 3 plant-based smoothies daily. You can order it for a 3, 5 or 7 day stay.

Sample meal: vanilla cashew smoothie and citrus carrot juice

Where: nationwide

Cost: from $ 89.99

Eat Clean Bro: For the person who tries everything once

With Eat Clean Bro there are 10 different menus to choose from. Below 500 calories, vegetarians, keto, and low carb are just a few – or you can choose a meal plan based on protein type. Eat Clean Bro also has a loyalty program called “Bro Points”: Get $ 3 off your next purchase for every $ 100.

Sample Meal: Green Chicken Enchilada Bowl with Slow-Cooked Chicken in Salsa Verde, served over spaghetti squash with sautéed peppers, onions and organic corn, topped with cheddar cheese

Where: Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, and Washington, DC

Cost: Meals $ 10 or more, five or more meals for delivery

RealEats: For those who have a time crisis

RealEats was founded by a single father who felt he didn’t have enough hours in a day to feed his kids tasty, healthy meals. The aim is to help other busy families by offering them prepackaged meals from a Michelin-starred chef. The menu includes healthy snacks and drinks. You can opt to custom order side dishes and proteins to prepare your own meals.

Sample meal: Fried lime shrimp with organic noodles made from brown rice Pad Thai

Where: Connecticut, Delaware, Columbia District, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia. RealEats also ships to most parts of South Carolina, Tennessee, and Wisconsin, as well as parts of Alabama, Georgia, Iowa, Minnesota, and Missouri

Cost: $ 15 per meal with a minimum of four meals per delivery

BistroMD: For people with diabetes

For those living with diabetes, there is BistroMD. It is a food delivery service developed by doctors that is still delicious. Each meal is designed to help you maintain healthy glucose levels, and the service even has support from a team of registered nutritionists. There are also plans available that are gluten-free, heart-healthy, and for those dealing with menopause.

Sample meal: Blackened chicken with creamy smoked paprika sauce

Where: Nationwide, with deliveries to Alaska only in Anchorage, Fairbanks and Eagle River

Cost: From $ 98 for five days

Veganik: For the plant lover

Veganeik ​​was founded when the founder was experiencing health problems related to her meat and milk consumption. This menu is varied and features classic recipes such as mac & cheese, meatballs, fried “chicken” and much more. Veganeik ​​also offers catering for larger families or company events.

Sample meal: Coconut rice and beans made from jasmine rice, coconut milk and red beans

Where: New York City and surrounding areas

Cost: From $ 65 for three days

Starvation Root: For people who love flexibility

If you don’t have time to shop for groceries in everyday life, Hungryroot will help. This service sends you a selection of foods, including protein and fresh produce, as well as quick and easy recipes that detail how to use everything in your box. Preparing recipes can only take 10 minutes and you can decide for yourself whether to follow them or get creative.

Sample meal: tofu and rainbow vegetables lentil dal

Where: 48 states and Washington DC, excluding Alaska and Hawaii

Cost: From $ 59 per delivery

Territory: For the exploration eater

It is almost impossible to tire of the choice of meals from the territory. A hand-picked network of nutrition experts and local chefs ensure that the weekly platters vary. That means you can try different lifestyles (Paleo, Keto, Vegetarian, Whole30, Low Fat, Mediterranean) and cuisines: Lebanese, Brazilian, Southwestern, Italian. The meals are completely ready-to-eat – as you don’t even have to mix anything or put a sauce on top. Just put them in the microwave for the set time. TL; DR: These meals are literally lifesavers when you want to be healthy but don’t have the energy to cook something yourself.

Sample meal: Brazilian steak with yuca fries and grilled pineapple pico

Where: Philadelphia; New York City; Hampton Roads, VA; Richmond, VA; Baltimore, MD; Washington, DC; Houston, Texas; Dallas / Fort Worth, TX; Los Angeles; Sacramento, CA; San Francisco / Bay Area; Inland Empire, CA; San Diego, CA; Orange County, CA.

Cost: from 30 USD / week

Pete’s Paleo: For the Paleo Diehard

All the dinners you get from Pete’s Paleo follow a basic formula: meat + starchy vegetables + vegetables. (All meat is grass-fed and grazed; all products are organic; and they contain nothing gluten, dairy, or soy.) Don’t read Basic as boring. The ingredients themselves are those you might not pick up at the grocery store: meats like pork and lamb, and vegetables like beets and rutabaga.

Sample meal: Fried garlic chicken legs with sautéed spinach and roasted parsnip and beet mixture

Where: nationwide

Cost: from 72 USD / week

Trifecta: For the athlete

Brother and sister co-founders Greg and Elizabeth Connolly are both avid athletes, and their meals are prepared to empower people with similar lifestyles. Whether you choose vegan, vegetarian, clean, paleo, keto or classic dishes, you will feel satisfied. If you want your food to be prepared but have the flexibility to prepare your own meals, Trifecta has it too. You can buy 13 proteins, five carbohydrates, and nine vegetables a la carte.

Sample meal: Ahi tuna with almond flour noodles and pumpkin

Where: nationwide

Cost: from 108 USD / week

Daily harvest: For Instagrammers on the go

If you’ve followed one to 100 health conscious Instagram stars, you’ve probably seen them sing the praises of Daily Harvest. Every single menu item has a delightful packaging – and inside you will find all the frozen ingredients that you need to mix (you need to add the liquid of your choice for the smoothies) or heat for your meal. The idea is that you can pour the prepared contents back into the cup and bowl and just enjoy your snack or meal. The company only started making smoothies; Now they also carry harvest bowls, flatbreads, oat bowls, chia bowls as well as vegetable-based soups, snacks and ice cream.

Sample Meal: Mesquite Lentil Chilli with Sweet Potato, Kale, and Purple Corn

Where: neighboring USA

Cost: $ 5.99 for oat and chia shells; $ 7.99 for smoothies, soups, bites, and lattes; and $ 8.99 for Harvest Bowls and Flatbreads

Urban Remedy: For the believer “Food Is Medicine”

Each ingredient used in Urban Remedy meals is specifically selected for its healing properties, with an emphasis on anti-inflammatory foods. The motto of founder Neka Pasquale is “Food heals”. There are eight meal plans to choose from – one for brides, one to support your immune system, and one to fight inflammation. Or you can buy Urban Remedy’s drinks, bars and proteins individually.

Sample Meal: Vegan “Chicken Breast” Roasted in the Country, Sauce, Fresh Vegetables, and Mashed Potatoes

Where: nationwide

Cost: from 117 USD / week

Veestro: For the Ardent Plant Eater

Many people complain about eating vegetarian dishes, which prevents them from enjoying classics like burgers, burritos, and Bolognese. Veestro fans shoot back: “No, it doesn’t!” Meal service is all about increasing the number of plants you eat – even if you don’t skip meat altogether (although that’s the ultimate goal). The vegetarian meals can also be adapted to other special diets, including high protein, gluten-free, and kosher.

Sample meal: Chinese chicken salad with seaweed noodles

Where: neighboring USA

Cost: from 110 USD / week

Provenance meals: For the city dweller who dreams of country life

Provenance Meals are shipped nationwide through the Feel Good Fix and Wellness Shop programs. Rest assured that everything you eat is sourced locally and sustainably. The meals are designed by founder Caroll Lee and her team of nutritionists. All production takes a holistic approach – from the standby group of natural nutritionists to a commitment to reducing packaging and food waste.

Sample meal: Tandoori salmon and carrot and chard aloo with mango chutney

Where: nationwide

Cost: from 68 USD / day

Fresh: For the time-sensitive gourmet

Three minutes – that’s the longest time it will ever take to get Freshly’s meals from the container to the table. Meals are fully cooked and not frozen so it doesn’t take long to reheat. As for the buzzwords that every food delivery service likes to announce: Fresh is certified gluten-free and the packaging is super sustainable. Everything can be recycled.

Sample meal: Lebanese-style beef balls with spinach, chickpeas and tahini sauce

Where: neighboring USA

Cost: from 50 USD / week

The good kitchen: For the Fam-First People

When ordering meals at The Good Kitchen, it can be for couples (10 meals per week) or a family of three (21 meals per week). The company has also just launched The Lunchbox, which prepares simple meals just for children. It’s really about keeping the customer happy. If you don’t like something, you will get your money back. You can also pause, cancel, or switch your plan at any time.

Sample meal: Smokey Eastern North Carolina grilled pulled pork with braised bacon mixture

Where: nationwide

Cost: from 98 USD / week

Sakara: For the Wannabe model

Sakara believers (including Chrissy Teigen, Lily Aldridge, and Adriana Lima) will tell you that it’s not just a meal plan, it’s a lifestyle. And as cheesy as that sounds, it’s kind of true. Your weekly supplies come with a stick of Palo Santo and detox water concentrates. Each of the ways the ingredients can make you a better, healthier person are listed in the individually packaged meals. Expect the plant-based food to look like the stuff of a pastel-colored dream world: edible flowers, colorful vegetables, and chlorophyll drops.

Example flour: Avocado with hemp and dulse crust, sprouts, radishes, quinoa, lentils, mustard and sesame dressing

Where: nationwide

Cost: from 70 USD / day

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