Basic Etiquettes for Moving and Handling Furniture in Your Home or Office

Whether you are moving or rearranging furniture in your home or office, moving furniture is a delicate task that requires care to avoid damage.

If you want to be careful with your furniture when you move, don’t worry as we have top tips to help you manage your furniture better and move it anywhere.

The following simple tips and practical techniques can help you move your furniture effectively without harming your home, back, or furniture.

Here are some key tips for moving and manipulating furniture:


Furniture makers use the cart to move a dishwasher to move the furniture. White goods are difficult, even for furniture removers. Photo: Sunset distances/ Flickr

1. Understand the structure of the furniture.

Before choosing furniture, find out about the built type. Visualize and determine whether or not there are removable parts.

Also, make sure you figure out the strongest part of the furniture. However, it is generally located along the horizontal section. So make sure you take furniture from that particular area with you.

2. Determine the new location beforehand.

Before moving furniture, find out the exact location of the move.

Check the humidity and temperature of the new location and it should exactly match that of the previous location where the furniture was stored. This is because pieces of furniture can easily splinter or break under extreme conditions.

3. Always use the side frame to lift furniture.

When lifting furniture like a chair, keep in mind that the seat rail is the strongest part, not the back part. Lifting the chair with your back can break it. It is therefore advisable to hold it with the seat rail.

For small chairs with side seat rails, lift it up by placing one hand on the front end and the other on the back end. Follow the same steps for sofa sets and large upholstered chairs. Hold them out from under the side frame, then move them around.

4. Employ at least 2 people to move the housing part

Cases are usually larger and require at least two people. With the help of two people, you can balance the weight and keep it from getting out of hand.

All parts of the case should be handled and moved carefully by holding onto the underside, much like you move chairs around. Also, when moving a table, be sure to keep it away from the apron as this is the strongest part.

If you try to lift it from above, you can loosen the screws or strip off the top frame. Taking it off your legs can add stress and loosening of the leg joints.

5. Remove the drawers before moving a drawer table.

When moving a drawer table, remove all of the drawers and lift them up with the carcass. This eases the weight of the table and makes it easier to carry to the destination.

However, always avoid carrying a drawer table by its cornice, as the top attachment can separate and pull apart from the rest of the structure.

Möbel_entferner_laden_ Möbel_ über_die_rampe_in_truck..jpg

Furniture removers load furniture into the truck via the ramp.

In summary …

Keep this etiquette in mind the next time you move or move furniture. These tips will help you lift furniture properly and prevent injuries of any kind. They also help prevent damage to your furniture. It is therefore imperative that you follow them.

Remember to reduce the weight of the furniture as much as possible during the move by separating all legs, knobs, shelves and drawers to reduce the weight of the furniture. Safe movement!

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