Apex Supply Chain Technologies launches firm for contactless order pickup solutions

Image courtesy of Apex Supply Chain Technologies.

January 8, 2021

Apex Supply Chain Technologies Inc. has announced a new company, Apex Order Pickup Solutions, that will provide contactless pickup solutions for the food service and retail industries, according to a press release.

Apex Order Pickup Solutions products include grocery and retail pick-up cabinets that can be integrated into a brand’s existing digital ecosystem and provide data and analytics to improve planning.

At the end of 2020, the company granted the restaurant equipment manufacturer Welbilt Inc. a license to manufacture and sell its Flow-Thru 10,000 series lockers. Apex recently acquired technology from Brightloom, formerly Eatsa, for future development opportunities.

Apex’s APIs provide integrations with kiosk, POS, KDS, aggregators for loyalty orders, and third-party delivery services.

Apex solutions are used in over 5,000 restaurants, universities, ghost kitchens, hospitals, sports and entertainment venues, and retail stores worldwide to facilitate contactless pickup of orders.

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