Antonio Brown incident arose from his refusal to pay moving fee

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Antonio Brown has long refused to pay his bills. His recent legal entanglement stems directly from Brown’s refusal to pay a bill for moving expenses.

Through, court records contain allegations that the problem occurred when a driver of a moving truck with items Brown had stored in California arrived and asked for $ 4,000 for the services and Brown refused to pay.

The driver refused to unload the property and started walking. Brown reportedly threw a stone at the vehicle and damaged it. The driver reported the incident to the police.

The moving company later contacted the driver asking him to deliver the property after Brown promised to pay $ 4,000 plus an additional $ 860 to cover damage to the truck and additional labor. However, when the driver returned, Brown refused to pay more than $ 4,000.

An argument broke out and Brown allegedly “pushed himself to the driver’s side of the main cabin and physically hit him.” Then Glenn Holt (arrested for break-in and battery) grabbed the keys and opened the truck so Brown could get his things back.

Next, Brown and Holt began unloading the truck. The driver informed them that they are also removing property that belongs to someone else. They allegedly threw the property back in the truck and damaged it.

Although Holt was arrested, Brown entered his house when the police arrived. The police could not contact him.

Brown can’t hide forever. At some point he will have to face music for the criminal liability that may result from a botched and misdirected effort to reclaim his own property. That sounds a lot like what OJ Simpson ultimately put behind bars.

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