American Recycler News, Inc. – Alternative to plastic bags for grocery pickup or delivery created

With more states, counties and cities banning plastic bags, DS Smith, a provider of sustainable packaging solutions, is now offering grocery stores and consumers Greentote, the first reusable, moisture-resistant, modular, 100 percent recyclable container made from renewable resources.

The company’s development of the Greentote alternative comes as stores and supermarkets are responding to the pandemic-induced surge in online fulfillment sales, BOPIS (buy online, in-store pickup) and third-party grocery delivery services. This may have resulted in more plastic bags ending up in their customers’ homes and eventually ending up in landfills or worse, on waterways.

Recent surveys have shown that many shoppers say they would likely continue to shop online if items were shipped with less packaging or if more sustainable materials were used. They would also prefer items that come in more recyclable packaging. Greentote offers food retail chains and their customers what they demand: an environmentally friendly, recyclable, reusable and food contact safe solution for the transport of food and goods.

“Greentote is about convenience and sustainability,” said Melanie Galloway, vice president of sales, marketing and innovation at DS Smith North America Packaging. “From placing orders to picking up or delivering on the roadside, our sustainable, renewable fiber-based bag is more stable than paper, keeps perishable and other groceries organized and safe, and is reusable.”

“Corrugated cardboard is the safest medium for moving goods in our global supply chain, and Greentote takes that trust a step further by making it USDA-safe for food contact,” she said.

Eighteen states have already passed plastic bag bans laws, and major retailers like Walmart, CVS Health, Albertsons, Dollar General, and Dick’s Sporting Goods have joined the Beyond the Bag Initiative, a group trying to recreate the single-use plastic bag to invent. The goal: to identify, test and implement viable design solutions and models that serve the purpose of the current shopping bag in a more sustainable manner.

Greentote is made of cardboard and is available in two sizes. It can hold more than three times as much food as plastic bags and interlock for safety and convenience in transportation. In addition, Greentote is coated with DS Smith’s proprietary Greencoat, which revolutionized the marine wax-coated poultry, produce and seafood industry with its sustainable, moisture-proof properties and durability in demanding supply chains.

In addition to its reusability, sustainability and environmental benefits, Greentote offers retailers the opportunity to generate revenue streams by allowing vendors and local businesses to advertise on their colored, durable printable surfaces.

DS Smith’s goal is to “Redefine Packaging for a Changing World”. As part of its recently launched Now and Next Sustainability Strategy and commitment to the circular economy, the company will use packaging and recycling by 2030 to replace problematic plastics and reduce customer carbon and eliminate consumer packaging waste.

Published in the April 2021 issue

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