Amazon reportedly plans to make drivers double as furniture installers

Because Amazon delivery drivers don’t have enough time yet, right?

The online juggernaut, notoriously anti-worker, plans to test a new program that would require drivers to do more than just move packages from point A to point B. According to reports, Amazon wants its drivers not only to bring large pieces of furniture into customers’ homes, but also to assemble them according to Bloomberg

But wait, it gets even wilder. The publication received a presentation on Amazon’s plans, noting that drivers not only unpack and assemble things like treadmills, but “bring the item back on site if the customer is not satisfied”.

Amazon is reportedly planning to launch this new service in Virginia and two other unnamed areas.

We reached out to Amazon to validate Bloomberg’s coverage and to find out how Amazon is looking to reduce the potential coronavirus exposure of drivers in customers’ homes. We also asked if the drivers would receive additional training.

We did not receive an immediate response.

This wouldn’t be the first time Amazon drivers have been hired to enter customers’ homes. In 2017, the company launched Amazon Key, a program that gives Amazon delivery drivers access to customers’ interiors so they can leave parcels inside.

Less than a month after the service started, the researchers found that the smart lock and camera system that supposedly securely activated Amazon’s key could be easily bypassed. Oh yes, and there is more. In 2018 there were several reports of Amazon drivers entering and wandering through customers’ homes.

But these are uninvited drivers. This new program is said to have customers welcoming drivers into their non-COVID-ravaged homes to put together essentials like bunk beds.

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And while we can’t envision drivers taking the opportunity to become de facto moving companies and furniture fitters, there may be a potential benefit: maybe customers will let them use their bathrooms?

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