Amazon now offering one-hour curbside pickup for Prime shoppers at all Whole Foods locations

(Amazon photo)

Amazon is now offering Prime members free one-hour pickup of online grocery orders from its Whole Foods stores in the United States. This expands the shopping trend that developed during the coronavirus pandemic.

The service is available to customers spending $ 35 or more, the company said in its announcement on Wednesday. Major buyers using the Amazon website or app select the Whole Foods tab and make their selections. You can then select a one-hour pickup window and place your order. When they are on their way to the store, they can use the app to check in to notify the store and reduce roadside waiting time.

Prior to the pandemic, an hour-long pickup was available from approximately 80 of Whole Foods’ 487 US locations. COVID-19 accelerated online shopping, collection and delivery as more customers looked for ways to spend less time in grocery stores.

According to Amazon, more than 40% of monthly pickup orders for whole foods come from customers trying the service for the first time. And citing data from Global Data Research, the tech giant says nearly 68% of consumers say they will continue to use roadside pickup even after the pandemic has subsided.

This is another plus for Prime members who pay $ 119 a year to get access to a wide variety of Amazon services, including free shipping. Amazon already offers free delivery within two hours for items from Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods.

The tech giant is experimenting with a variety of grocery retail options. It just opened its second high-tech location for Amazon Go Grocery, this time in Redmond, Washington. The first cashless store opened in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle earlier this year. The company just opened its first grocery store at Amazon Fresh in Woodland Hills, California with a smart shopping cart.

Food has an estimated US market of $ 678 billion. As Amazon becomes increasingly digitized, it continues to invest heavily in physical and online options three years after acquiring Whole Foods for nearly $ 14 billion in 2017.

The company saw online grocery sales triple year-over-year in the second quarter of this year as more customers get their groceries delivered than in a physical store during the pandemic.

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