Amazon Last Mile Delivery Station moving to old Walmart building in Victorville –

VICTORVILLE, California ( – An Amazon Last Mile Delivery Station will move to the retail building that once housed a Walmart on Bear Valley Road in Victorville.

City spokeswoman Sue Jones said the new delivery station is expected to create 150 new jobs in Victorville, which is exciting news for our community. “I want to make it very clear that this will be an Amazon Last Mile Delivery Station – not a warehouse,” said Jones. “Another big part of this story is that we will have another large retail space in Victorville.”

Recently Car X Change moved to the former Target building on Palmdale Road, Cardenas Markets to old Ralphs on Palmdale Road. The Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP) opened on the property that once housed Michaels. There was a furniture store on 7th Street and Shark Solutions moved into an empty building on Hesperia Road.

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“This underscores the strength of Victorville’s economy and our ability to attract big business to our city. As a result, we will see when free retail space is full and our major malls are reviving, ”said Jones.

The Delivery Station concept was created by Amazon to speed up parcel delivery to customers and give individuals the ability to own and operate their own parcel delivery businesses.

The old Walmart building has been empty for more than eight years, and the building is approximately 126,000 square feet.

According to Jones, improvements to the building have started and are expected to take four to five months.

The interior and exterior of the existing commercial building will be updated to fulfill the delivery, sorting and administrative functions for the new business. The changes in the outside area include the addition of roller shutters in the north and west elevation, a new canopy in the north elevation for loading and staging vehicles, and a new entrance facade that serves as an entrance / exit for employees and as a customer service area for collection and return of articles by customers.

The traffic pattern in the parking lots across the site will be redesigned to enable parking for customers and employees as well as parking and provision of delivery vehicles. Landscaping will either be added or replaced along the driveway and throughout the parking lot. The Balsamstraße will be expanded to include a curb, gutter and sidewalk.

Access is via the adjacent Balsam Road. The facility is expected to use a split shift schedule: 1:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. to move vehicle traffic.

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