Amazon Fresh, Whole Foods pickup and delivery services now invitation-only for new customers amid coronavirus pandemic

The demand for grocery collection and delivery services has grown so much that the Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market is struggling to keep up.

Some shoppers who do not want to go to the store themselves in the face of the coronavirus pandemic complain about the lack of delivery times.

In order to meet the demand, new collection and delivery customers of the Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market have to join a waiting list in order to be able to use the services, Amazon announced on Sunday. Customers will receive an invitation to use the services when Amazon strengthens its workforce.

The new policy also applies to Amazon Prime members who want to use pickup or delivery services for the first time.

Amazon has hired more than 100,000 employees since March 16. The company plans to hire an additional 75,000 people to increase its reception, replenishment and delivery capacity. The additional settings will increase the availability of delivery windows, the company said.

As capacity increases per week, the invitations are forwarded to new collection and delivery customers. Order cAccording to Amazon, capacity has increased by 60% since the coronavirus pandemic began.

The company will also set up a virtual queue for online orders in the coming weeks.

“This feature gives delivery customers a virtual ‘place in line’ and enables us to distribute the delivery windows on a first-come, first-served basis,” said Amazon in one Explanation.

Before the COVID-19 shutdown, 5% of consumers were using online delivery services. However, some analysts believe the number will double, according to Bloomberg.

GoPuff, a Philadelphia-based grocery delivery company, recently opened a new location in Port Richmond earlier than expected to meet demand. The company also plans to hire thousands of drivers and field workers in the coming weeks.

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