Amazon delivery driver rescues senior from burning Florida home after hearing screams

When an Amazon delivery driver heard screams from a house in central Florida on his route last week, he dropped his packages and ran to help.

In the burning house, 23-year-old Sean Campbell found an elderly man who needed help getting out of the car.

“I heard the screaming and if you hear something like that you have to go there,” Campbell told WESH-TV.

The fire had apparently started in the couple’s garage on Friday, the TV station reported. A woman had got out with the help of a neighbor, but the man was still inside when Campbell arrived.

He said he threw open the front door and saw the man in the kitchen.

“He was in the kitchen with his walker and just stood there. I don’t think he really knew what was going on, so I said, “Sir, come on, I have to help you. Come on, let’s go out, ”he said.

Campbell said the man had a hard time moving so he had to be calm and persuasive.

“He tried to grab his hiker. I said, “No, we have to move … you have to see another day,” he said.

The couple’s son, Tim West, said he was grateful for Campbell’s help.

“It was fantastic that he was both here, able to go in and brave enough to go in. We really appreciate that, ”said West.

Firefighters rescued the family’s dog. The house was not a total loss, but is not habitable, officials said. The couple will stay nearby with a grandson, the station reported.

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